Excellent Anti-Aging Face Mask with Spongilla


  • Home Facial Mask with Spongilla: Secrets of Miracle Means
  • Anti-Aging Face Mask with Spongilla: Indications and Contraindications
  • Best Face Masks Recipes with Spongilla

In modern cosmetology the fresh-water Spongilla (sponge) is widely used as a mask for the face, which provides not only great anti-aging and firming effect, but also treats various inflammatory processes.

This means can be easily purchased at any pharmacy, but in fact very few people know that is a fresh-water sponge from nature, before it falls into the medical vials.

Home Facial Mask of Spongilla: Secrets of Miracle Means

Spongilla is a kind of freshwater sponge, which has an unpleasant view and can be brown, green or yellow. It is extracted from the water and converted to a variety of means, which are used in masks for different skin types. What is the composition and how it has an effect on the skin?

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Excellent Anti-Aging Face Mask with Spongilla

  • First, Silica (silicon) is the basis of Spongilla, which has an amazing effect on the skin at the cellular level: the production of elastin under its influence increases almost 2 times, the dead cells are actively disappear, opening the way for oxygen to viable cells. For older women the home facial mask with Spongilla replaces any anti-aging salon treatment: and wrinkles become less, and the complexion is considerably improved, and the skin becomes more fresh and young.
  • Secondly, in the body of the sponge the Silica forms a network of needles which are irritating the skin, dilating blood vessels and improves blood circulation. Disturbed cells begin to defend and regenerate. That is why Spongilla is so effective from bruises which under its influence are significantly fading, and with regular use, and all come to naught. Similarly, Spongilla is used against the pigmented spots, freckles and redness of the skin.
  • Third, the needles are fastened with each other with the natural protein, called Spongin, which also has the most favorable cosmetic effect. Thanks to it, in home face mask Spongilla has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Neoplasms under the influence of this protein is actively absorbed. Spongilla is also used against acne even in their teens.

Versatility Spongilla has long been tested in medicine and many beautiful women who know how to apply Spongilla in cosmetology for healthy skin.

Anti-Aging Face Mask with Spongilla: Indications and Contraindications

Due to its unique properties, Spongilla has the widest application. In the pharmacy you can see several different preparations based Spongilla, each of them can be used in the composition of masks:

  1. for example, Spongilla Forte is widely used – Gel with grayish color and an unusual smell; a fresh-water sponge-gel lightens the skin perfectly and relieve you of age spots;
  2. Spongilla powder is very active as a part of masks, which is recommended for the removal of acne;
  3. Spongilla peeling with solid particles of minerals or other substances is ideal to cleanse the oily and contaminated skin, it helps to update the upper layer of the epidermis (the effective cleansing with Spongilla is contraindicated for persons with sensitive skin);
  4. Universal Spongilla Ointment can be used as the compositi in masks or separately as an antiinflammatory agent.

You need to remember it is contraindicated with open wounds on the face, the recent beauty salon treatments and serious skin diseases in exacerbation. If you are looking for effective anti-aging face mask or anti-inflammatory mask, pay attention to the popular recipes.

Best Face Masks Recipes with Spongilla

Active and regular use of Spongilla as a homemade facial brings the great results.

homemade facial

Excellent Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask with Spongilla

  • 1. Cosmetic Clay
    For this mask, you will need dry Spongilla, like face powder. Spongilla (1 teaspoon) mixed with white or black clay (1 teaspoon). Cosmetic clay and Spongilla means – is just a fantastic mixture of active substances that have a magical effect on the skin. This miraculous mask with clay and Spongilla save you from age spots.
  • 2. Universal
    The powder is diluted with hot water to a mushy state. This mask with Spongilla refreshes faded and tired skin and gives cheerfulness to it.
  • 3. Hydrogen Peroxide
    The powder is diluted with 3% hydrogen peroxide. As part of such a mask Spongilla is effective against stretching and microcracks.
  • 4. Boric Acid
    The powder is diluted with 2% boric acid. This unique mask for acne with Spongilla copes even with advanced acne.
  • 5. Milk
    The powder (1 teaspoon), diluted fermented baked milk (2 tablespoons).
  • 6. Yeast
    The powder (2 tablespoons) mixed with dry yeast (2 tablespoons) and dilute cream. With this mask you can do facial peels: Spongilla just has excellent irritating properties.
  • 7. Rice
    The powder (1 teaspoon), diluted with cream (2 tablespoons) and mix with rice flour.
  • 8. Honey
    For this mask gel for face with Spongilla is ideal, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. In equal proportions to be mixed with liquid honey.
  • 9. Oatmeal
    The powder (1 teaspoon) mixed with oatmeal (2 tablespoons) and dilute cream (2 tablespoons).
  • 10. Egg
    The powder is diluted with a mixture of egg and milk.

Spongilla is a unique organism with its miraculous structure can have an amazing anti-aging skin, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect.