Enlarged Pore on Face: how to hide pores with makeup?


  • Types of Skin: Enlarged Pore on Face
  • How to Hide Pores with Makeup?
  • Video: How to Cover Large Pores with Makeup?

Most of the women know firsthand what the enlarged pores on face. Although there are many means that can help to get rid of this problem, yet enlarged pores can not disappear like a wave of a magic wand.

This type of skin also means that you need to pick a special care and cosmetics suitable for you. Thorough daily care for problem skin improve its condition significantly, and makeup done correctly will help to hide imperfections.

Types of Skin: Enlarged Pore on Face

The most commonly the encountered problem of enlarged pores exists for the owners of  oily and combined skin. The girls with normal or dry skin type do not have the enlarged pores, except puberty.

  • The pores are expanding because of the fact that the sebum, dirt particles and dead cells are accumulated due to inappropriate or insufficient skin care. Therefore, the basic rule – everyday care (to remove dirt and grease), using of tonics which tighten the pores.

The most common areas with the enlarged pores are: forehead, sides of the nose and chin. This skin state is often inherited and can to develop over time, or even develop many years later. The black and whiteheads often appear with enlarged pores, treatment of which should not delay. But with complicated form of acne should seek emergency medical attention to avoid scarring on the skin.

  • Also you need to think carefully about the selection of cosmetic, as some of cosmetics not only can not hide your pores, but also extend them further. Instantly you can not get rid of enlarged pores, but in your power to possess the necessary rules of makeup to hide enlarged pores and always look at height.

How to Hide Pores with Makeup?

how to hide pores with makeup

The main stages in the art of make-up are:

  • Skin cleansing.
  • Toning and matting the skin.
  • Disguise small skin defects.

Skin Cleansing

Before any application of makeup, the skin should be cleaned thoroughly. You can use the variety of foams and gels for washing, the superfatted quality soap can be used occasionally. One – two times a week for deep pore cleaning should apply cleansing scrubs and mask-film.


After cleansing wash the face with cold water, then use a cube of ice on the problem areas (forehead, nose, chin), as long as the ice melted. This procedure will help narrow down your pores.

Then wipe the face lotion that is designed to narrow pores. This lotion is sold in any cosmetic shop, so feel free to choose the one that appeals to you.

How to Cover Large Pores with Makeup?

Concealers and correctors are an important means in the struggle with enlarged pores. They, as well as matting-napkins should always be in your make-up bag, wherever you go. Properly selected corrector and concealer can work wonders. If for some reason you are not using these means, try to pick up a good foundation that matches your skin type and face color.

Pay attention, that the tone foundation would have the note: non-comedogenic. The most suitable cosmetics for skin with dilated pores is mineral. It not only does not clog pores, but mask them very well. With this cosmetic the face looks healthy and glowing.

By following these few tips, soon you will see the improvements of your skin, which can not fail to please you. Be always beautiful and desired. Health to you and your skin!