Egg Yolk Hair Growth Treatment

The Favorite Recipe for Egg Mask Hair Treatment

I would like to share with you a recipe for egg mask, which now I use most often.

Moreover, you can see the impressive result of the usage on the photo of owner of this recipe what I found on one of the russian forum.

The recipe is very simple:

  • 1 egg yolk
  • half a teaspoon of oil solution of vitamins A and E
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil

In genaral, you can use olive oil. If your hair is short, it is enough for such a quantity. But I usually multiply the ingredients by 2.

This mixture is put on the hair over the entire length, paying special attention to the tips. I put down a plastic cap on top to wrap up warm scarf and leave the mask for 40-60 minutes. After that, wash it with cool water and wash my hair with shampoo as usual.

I noticed that after such an egg mask hair is shiny, and at the tips of the dryness disappears. I’m just trying to grow their hair length is currently slightly below average, but I want to run, they were even longer.

Although they have me inclined to fat content, as regrowth is increasingly concerned about the problem of dryness and breakage on the ends – a frequent companion of long hair. And the egg mask solves this problem perfectly.

Another big plus – the hair after this procedure is easy to comb and much less go awry and grow very fast.

So look very well groomed. It is desirable to do this mask once a week.

To can do this very simple egg yolk hair treatment also

Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, add a glass of water and then thoroughly massage the scalp with this mask for 15 – 20 minutes to absorb all the nutrients you need mixture.

After wash your hair with shampoo and cool water, and only after with warm water.

Egg Mask for Different Tasks

Depending on what we wish to solve the problem, in the mask, in addition to egg yolk, different ingredients may be administered. Here a few recipes which are very simple and affordable hair masks to achieve different results.

If you have dry hair, then the egg can be added to the oil. For example, fit the following recipe: a yolk add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, the same amount of vegetable oil and half a cup of warm water. Mix everything well and causes all the length of the hair, leaving for 30-40 minutes.

If your hair is prone to fat content, it will be necessary to mask the use of brandy, vodka, or just alcohol. The yolk mixed with 1 teaspoon of brandy or alcohol and 1 teaspoon of water. Mask to rub into the scalp, the recommended exposure time – about 15 minutes.

And finally, the recipe for restoring mask with quail eggs, I’m going to try soon. Very much intrigued me with the idea of ​​using quail eggs for hair/

In its structure includes 5 quail eggs, 2 tablespoons of honey (which also, incidentally, nourishes the hair) and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. All must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the roots as well as over the entire length of the hair. Leave on for a couple of hours.

Have you ever done an egg hair mask? You liked it? Were you able to find “YOUR” mask?

egg yolk for hair treatment

Egg Yolk Hair Growth Treatment