Egg Yolk for Hair Treatment

Egg yolks are extremely good for your hair treatment as they will make your hair soft, shiny and healthy. And they will help your hair grow rapidly.

Egg (particularly the yolk) is very high in protein and this protein can help to strengthen the hair as it is readily absorbed into the hair shaft.

When the hair has been previously chemically treated, the egg will absorb faster still, and will react with the hair rapidly.

Because of this, it’s always best to mix the egg with something that is going to give a buffer – like baby oil or olive oil – or simply use mayonnaise (which is egg-based).

Once upon a time, in the very beginning of my experiments with homemade beauty recipes, egg yolks hair treatment has become one of the first I’ve tested. At that moment, it was chosen mainly because of accessibility, as in the stores choice was too small, and worth all the considerable money. Cheap chicken eggs were always at refrigerator.

Later, my approach has become more thoughtful, and I read that the eggs contain animal protein with all essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Then I realized, it was a very valuable ingredient for masks and began to appreciate the gift of nature even more.

egg yolk for hair treatment

Egg Yolk for Hair Treatment

And now everybody began to realize that no amount of “chemistry shampoo” can not be compared with natural ingredients and traditional recipes.

Nowadays the choice  is very large in the stores, at a fairly affordable price. But here’s the number, unfortunately, does not always translate into quality.

So, like I can buy any store means of hair care products, but I know in advance: it hardly compares with home – freshly made and 100% natural.

The use of eggs improves the structure of hair very much. No special financial costs based on them, you can create a variety of masks, the number of which is uncountable: just add different ingredients and experiment as much as you want. The main thing – to take into account a few simple rules.

Tips for using egg yolk for hair treatment:

egg yolk for hair treatment

Egg Yolk for Hair Treatment

1. Never rinse the egg off with lukewarm, and even more hot water. Egg in this case necessarily curtailed. Let the water will be even slightly cool. I follow this rule, but also always use only the yolk. A protein can be postponed for cooking, such as facials. If you take all the egg protein, while increasing the chance to get pieces of “omelette” in her hair.

2. For such a mask is better to take the village eggs. They are useful shops, because they contain more nutrients. I, fortunately, sometimes pass them in a hotel in the village, so I not only delicious raduyu family of them, but also store up a few pieces of hair.

3. If you can not get hold of the village eggs, you can use the quail. Such an interesting recipe I read recently, and I realized that this is the logic board. For example, I often use them for culinary purposes, because no doubt: they are very nutritious, easily digested and rich in vitamins and trace elements. So why not try to use them for cosmetic procedures?