Effective Tips for Hand Care


  • Effective Tips for Hand Care
  • Caring for Hands: Hand Massage and Gymnastics
  • Care for Hands with some Problems

Women are taking care about their skin of the face very much. They often look in the mirror and note every new wrinkle or a pimple, and very frequent they do not pay any attention on the hands. But the skin of the hands is much more thinner and drier than the skin on the face, which means your hands are the subject to more rapid aging and the effect of negative environmental factors.

Even if nature has deprived you perfect forms, the beautiful and well-groomed hands depend only on you.

Effective Tips for Hand Care

tips for hand care

Your hands throughout the day exposed to a huge number of damaging factors, and it is the effect of water, detergent solutions, dry air, sun or frost. Therefore, to keep the skin soft and smooth on your hands, you need to follow the simple tips for hand care.

  • Avoid the prolonged stay of your hands in the water.

Water dries the skin. Therefore, if the chores: washing, cleaning, washing floors and dishes, put on the thin rubber gloves on your hands. When you are working in the garden, use also the special gloves for household purposes. Many women do not like to use gloves as they lost the tactile sensitivity of the skin. In this case, you must use protective hand cream. If you are working without gloves with alkaline solutions (soap, washing powder), wash the hands with a weak solution of acetic or citric acid to neutralize the alkali. Lemon will help you, if you dirty your hands with vegetables. Wash them with a brush and wipe the lemon juice, then rinse in cool water.

  • Do not overuse antibacterial soap and gel.

These means dry skin very much, what can lead to premature aging. Also disturbed the natural protection of the hands, which can then lead to a reduction of skin immunity.

  • Do not forget about moisturizing.

After each hand-washing apply the skin cream for hands, that has moisturizing or nourishing properties, and contributes to the conservation of water and the fat layer on the skin surface.

  • Once a week make a peeling of hands.

For this purpose, suitable special scrubs for hands, you can use a facial scrub or body. At home, as a scrub you can use the coffee grounds, or fine salt, or sugar mixed with olive oil.

  • Protect your skin from the sun and frost.

The sun is one of the main factors of premature aging of skin, so when entering the street do not forget to apply sunscreen. Always use warm winter mittens or gloves.

  • Nourishes the hands for the night.

At night, the skin is particularly susceptible to the action of cosmetics, apply a nourishing cream. Strengthen the effect of the cream on your hands the cotton gloves can perfectly.

  • Take care of the nails.

Nails need the same care as your skin. Make manicure, remove the cuticle, lubricated with a special cream or butter, and give some break from varnish for your nails once a week.

Hand care is not difficult, the most important to make it regulary.

Support the hand-skin toned, the massage and exercises for the hands help. These exercises will improve blood circulation and enhance skin elasticity.

Caring for Hands:

Hand Massage and Gymnastics

  • Performing massage begins with the fingertips. Firstly, massage each finger individually, and then the whole brush. Massaging movements must be done with minimal pressure. Then, make the rhythmic beats with the palm side, first on the inside then on the outer surface of the hands. Make quick pinches from top to down. Finish massage by stroking.

Gymnastics for Hands

  • Squeeze the hands with stress into fists, then abruptly unclench. Repeat five times.
  • Clasp your fingers together, and make the circular movements with thumbs.
  • Lean hands on the wall and push hard. This exercise strengthens the shoulders.
  • Put your fingers on the table, and knock by them while playing the piano.
  • Dilute hand in hand, and perform rotating movement of the hands back and forth in both directions.
  • Stretch your arms and draw a imaginary figure eight in the air. Shoulders should not be mobile.

Care for Hands with some Problems

care for hands

When the skin of hands prones to redness:

  • it is necessary to carry out the contrast and saline baths. Redness of hands is often the result of poor circulation, so do not forget about the massage. After washing, dry your hands thoroughly, lubricate the cream, and at night wear the cotton gloves.

If you have chapped hands and rough skin, try using a few popular recipes to remedy this situation.

  • Moisten hands with milk, and then lubricate the fatty cream containing vitamins A and B.
  • It is useful to do the bath with a decoction of chamomile, sage, lime blossom, yogurt and sauerkraut juice.
  • If cracks in the skin of hands deep, you must do the bath solution of starch. Take one teaspoon of starch per liter of water. Can be boiled linseed: one tablespoon per liter of water.
  • Apply to hands freshly mashed potatoes with milk, or a mixture of potatoes, flour and lemon juice, taken in equal proportions.
  • After the procedure, the night do not forget to grease your hands greasy cream and wear cotton gloves.

When the calluses on your hands, try the following bath:

  • Take one liter of warm water, tsp baking soda, two teaspoons ammonia, one tsp of liquid soap. All good stir. Dip your hands in the tub for 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry, rub a pumice stone and apply a rich cream or Glycerine.

For hands with over-dry skin,is very useful the oil-bath:

  • Dip your hands in warm sunflower or olive oil for 15 minutes and then put on the cotton gloves.

Your skin will be soft and elastic, if:

  • Lowering the hands to the warm water, then to the cold water alternately, from eight to ten times.
  • Twice a week make a bath in warm water, in which the potatoes boiled.

By following our simple guidelines, your hands will become well-groomed, will remain young and beautiful very long time.