Effective Lemon Hair Treatment

Effective Lemon Hair Treatment makes hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. To have it you need do the procedure regularly.

Mask to Lighten Hair with Lemon

The juice squeezed from one lemon, diluted vodka ( ratio 1:1 ). The resulting means is applied to hair on the individual strands. Then head has to be under the sunlight 10 -15 min. So you can successfully lighten hair. But there is condition – hair should be light and healthy.

Hair Mask with Lemon for Different Hair Colors

If nature has endowed you tresses of a different color, we advise you to another equally effective prescription. You need brew black tea. It should be boiled for 2 liters of water, add 1 teaS of green tea. Then, the resulting mixture was added a solution of juice of lemon. Ready means of wet hair is rinsed. This mask with lemon makes the hair shiny, will be especially useful in the winter.

There are also More “Quick” Recipe Masks

Prepare mixture of 1 TblS of lemon, honey, agave, egg yolk. This mask with lemon rubbed into hair 0.5 H before shampooing.

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Hair Mask with Lemon for Different Hair Types

Lemon rind with 3-4 slightly dried, then ground to fine powder. You will also need 1 TblS of sour cream and egg yolk (beaten). Ready mask is applied to hair over entire length. Keep mask on head with lemon 0.5 H, then you just need to wash hair shampoo.

Hair Mask with Lemon to Strengthen Hair (Vitamin)

You need juice of 2 lemons, 1 TblS of water. All this mix. Then add 1 TblS of flour and stir until smooth. The mask is applied to hair for 0.5 H before shampooing. Then wash hair shampoo.
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Interesting fact – if hair is washed daily with ” lemon water “, it is easy for casual styling, it makes the hair shiny. Prepare a ” lemon water ” is simple. To do this, bring to boil half 1 cup water, put the lemon peel, then boil for 10-15 min. This mask with lemon, rubbed 0.5 H before shampooing hair, as close as possible to roots. Then you can safely engage in laying by dispensing with no gels and mousses. Those who use this means, argue that ” lemon water ” helps to get rid dandruff.

Lemon has absolutely no harm to hair. So do not be afraid to experiment with this fruit. The main thing, of course, result. Thanks lemon, hair will be beautiful, silky and full of energy.

For Normal Hair well Make Vitamin Mask with Lemon

In a bowl squeeze fresh juice of 2 lemons, dilute it 1 tbsp water and thickeners spoon flour or oatmeal. Stir well to avoid lumps. Apply this mask for 0/5 H before washing head, with hair spread over the strands and each applied the prepared mixture. From above it is recommended close hair with scarf instead of polyethylene. Wash hair after shampooing to such a mask for dry hai .

The Mask with Lemon is suitable for Hair Types

Zest, crushed into powder, for this purpose it is possible use coffee grinder. Add sour cream to powder and whipped egg yolk. This mask is applied to hair and spread over entire length, from roots to tips. Hair is covering the polyethylene and a warm towel. Rinse off mask is also best shampoo for dry hair it is most gentle.

To do this, 2 tablespoons dried burdock root boiled water, leave 15 min. Strain and add to broth half a glass of freshly squeezed juice of lemon. The resulting composition is rubbed into scalp before washing the roots. Such a process will strengthen roots of hair, reduces itching and flaking, stop hair loss. Just this broth can be used as rinse after washing, pre- dilute the resulting composition with clean water decoction of chamomile or sage.

Masks for Oily Hair with Lemon

For oily hair mix 3 tTblS of burdock root, and 3 tablespoons of sweet, fill them with 3 cups of boiling water, add 0.5 of cup of juice of lemon. Insist mixture for 7 hours, preferably in warm place. After the composition configure themselves warm rub it into roots of hair every time you wash (preferably 2-3 times per week). The remaining mixture can be diluted with water and rinse hair after shampooing.

If you have oily hair, and thus weakene, rare and damaged (eg after coloring or perm), then to “revive” their help wrap with lemon juice, this juice 1 onion mix with 1 TblS of juice of lemon, 1TblS of burdock oil, 1 egg yolk, 2 TblS of honey plus 1 TblS of shampoo. Beat all ingredients in mixer with foam. The resulting mass is applied after shampooing to damp hair, rub into scalp. Harboring head plastic bag and towel. Leave for 2 Hs, and then washed with water.

Helpful Hint : in order to stay clean longer hair in shampoo for oily hair, add 5 drops of lemon essential oil.

Another good recipe for fat and weak hair: 1 TblS of juice of lemon plus honey mixed with 2 TblS of aloe juice and 1 yolk egg. The resulting composition is rubbed into roots of hair for 0.5 H before washing. For best results, rinse hair after washing decoction of St. John’s wort.

Masks with Juice of lemon to Dry Hair

Dry hair will help compresses of juice of lemon, olive oil. Mix equal proportions of juice of lemon plus olive oil, slightly warmed and applied to roots of hair, distribute throughout. Wrap yourself up, leave for 0.5 H – 1 H. If possible, leave mask on night.

Peach oil (1 tbsp.), Castor oil (1 tbsp.) And juice of lemon ( 2 tsp.) Thoroughly mixed and applied to hair. It is recommended do this mask for 0.5 H before shampooing.

Masks for All Hair Types with Juice of Lemon

For this recipe, we need the following herbs: nettle, St. John’s wort , nasturtium, chamomile, birch leaves , flowers, clover. 1 TblS. Each of herbs fill with vegetable oil (0.5 cups) and juice of 1 lemon. Tightly close and leave infuse per a week. After this time we filter the composition and applied to hair 1 H before washing. Then washed well.

Recipe perfectly helps fight dandruff. To do this, lemon peel 3 bays L of water, cook over low heat 15 min. Strain and rinse aid hair after washing.

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Other Useful Recipes of Lemon Hair Treatment

Vodka helps with hair loss (100 grams), juice of lemon ( 3 TblS). Mix juice with vodka, insist a week in a tightly closed container. Obtained by means of wipe the balding areas of head 1 time per day.

Hairspray lemon: lemon slice into thin slices and pour glass water. Set on fire, cook until half the liquid boils away. Then we filter the broth, add to it 4 drops of vodka or alcohol. Spray means using spray, put on hair as normal nail. This tool not only keeps your hairstyle, but also healthier hair!

Each representative of the fairer sex is committed to ensuring that to have beautiful, healthy and obedient hair. We all dream about getting our hair has become a decoration which would have forced men to look back admiringly after him, and her friends start burning envy. Paint, lighting, use hair dryer – all of these procedures have a negative impact on health of hair.
If you abuse these procedures, you can mess up hair so that need to restore them. To restore the hair using variety of masks .

What masks are the best? Of course, the mask composed of natural ingredients. Perhaps the best is hair mask with lemon, which is saturating hair with vitamin C, heals them. Be sure to use beneficial properties of lemon and make yourself 1 of following masks.

Masks for Dry Hair with Lemon

If you have dry hair, use a compress, which includes juice of lemon plus olive oil

Must be mixed in equal parts juice of lemon plus olive oil. Then, resulting mixture should be little warm . Begin to apply mixture to roots, gradually spreading over entire length of hair. After the head cover with plastic cap, wrap a towel over it. Hair mask with lemon healthier hair. Keep it on hair for 0.5 H or 1 H. If possible, Keep mask for entire night.

To prepare mask must be well mix the following ingredients in following proportions: juice of lemon (2 TblS), peach kernel oil (1 TblS) and castor oil (1 TblS). Apply mask on hair for 0.5 H before shampooing.

Following Recipes Masks suitable for all Hair Types

To prepare mask you need mix 1 TblS of nettle, nasturtiums, birch leaf , St. John’s wort, chamomile flowers and clover. Then mixed herbs to pour vegetable oil plus juice of one lemon. Thoroughly mix , tightly close the container in which the prepared mask and insist for week. After this period, we filter mixture and 1 H before shampooing applied to entire length of hair – from root to tip.

Put peel of three lemons in a pan, pour 1 L of water, put on low heat fifteen minutes. You need strain mixture, allow to cool. Means which, by the way, helps to get rid dandruff, you need rinse hair.
Recent Hair Masks with Lemon
Lemon has lot of vitamins, so hair mask with lemon able to save hair from dryness fat or vice versa, to give vitality to hair or restore them.

Lemon juice can be used rinse hair after shampooing, for this mix juice of 1 lemon plus 1 L of water. Neutralized with an alkali such rinse in shampoo plus water, makes hair manageable and soft.

Mask for all Hair Types with Lemon

Excellent mask for dandruff. Pour 1 L of water, boil for 3 lemon peel for 15 min. Hair rinse this mask after washing.

Mix by 1 Tbl spoon nettles, nasturtium, chamomile, St. John’s wort , birch leaves, flowers, clover with 0,5 a glass of oil and 1st squeezed juice of lemon. Insist week. The resulting mask filter, applied to hair 1 hour.

Masks with Juice of Lemon to Dry Hair

Mix equal amount of juice of lemon plus olive oil. Heat the mask and apply on hair roots. spread over the remains of the strands. Keep the mask 30-60 min.

Mix the 1 TblS of castor oil with 1 TblS of peach oil plus 2 TblS of juice of lemon. Mask is held for 0,5 H.

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