Effective Hand Treatment at Home

Periodically, one – two times per week, you need to set aside time for special nourishing masks for hand treatment. Usually they are applied for ten min. and then rinsed with cool or hot water. Regularly performing these procedures, you will be able to maintain and improve skin. In this article, I will share with you some recipes such masks.

Effective Hand Treatment at Home:

Curd hand mask

Mix two – three tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese with parsley, scrolled through a meat grinder, add a little olive oil plus a drop of glycerin. Having put the mask on your hands, you need to wear rubber gloves or simply wrap a plastic bag – this will prevent the drying up of the curd mass. This mask will save you a long time to dry skin. Your skin will be soft and velvety.

Bananas hand mask

In banana vitamins, which beneficially affect the skin. Basic – this is, of course, vitamin C. Mash the banana with 1h. of olive oil to state of pulp. Add cheese and stir thoroughly. Having put the mask on your hands, wear cotton gloves. The mask can hold 0.5 hour.

hand mask

Bread hand mask with milk

A piece of rye bread softened in water, wring out. Add to bread porridge hot milk plus a little vegetable oil. Having put on your hands, wear plastic gloves. Can be washed after 30 minutes.

Hand mask of bread plus egg yolk

A small piece of rye bread softened in hot milk, squeeze. Add egg yolk, stir thoroughly. Apply the mask for 0.5 hour, wash off with not cold water. This mask has a lifting effect.

Egg nourishing hand mask

This mask is effective for aging skin wrinkled hands. Should be rubbed into skin for a night of hands a mixture of 1 egg yolk, 1 TabS of liquid honey plus a teaspoon finely ground oatmeal. Even better , if you leave mixture on skin overnight. To mask is not worn off – it is recommended to wear over her thin plastic or cloth gloves. In morning your hands will be soft and fluffy, and smoothed the wrinkles on them.

Honey nourishing hand mask

Regular use of this mask makes skin soft and velvety hands. For its preparation you need to mix 15 grams of fresh liquid honey, 25 grams of olive or almond oil, a few drops of freshly prepared lemon juice plus 1 egg yolk. Most often, the mask is left on hands of the night, but it is possible and short-term use.

Honey hand mask

With a small amount of honey to add chopped oat groats and much milk until smooth paste. Apply to hands, carefully rubbing. After that, you can wear soft cotton gloves. This mask is suitable for even the cracked skin of hands.

Honey hand mask plus lemon

Lemon is not only rich in vitamin C , it also has a bleaching effect. Mix the honey with juice of a quarter of a lemon plus rub on your hands . This mask will prevent appearance of microcracks.

Honey and glycerin nourishing hand mask

Mask is able to mitigate the peeling, fading and rough skin. Mix 1 TeaS of honey plus glycerin with two spoons of not cold water. Then, add 1 teaS of wheat and oats. The mask is applied to skin of your hands for 30 – 35 minutes.

Oatmeal nourishing hand mask

Mix two tablespoons of flour (oat ), 1 TablS of olive oil plus water, 1 TeaS of glycerin and juice of lemon. Keep the mask on hand is recommended no more than 20 min.

hand mask

Hand mask carrot-squash plus sour cream

Grated zucchini pulp, about 2 tablespoons, mix with grated carrots. Add 1TabS of sour cream, stir until monotonous condition. Apply to hands and wear cotton gloves. Keep the mask for about 1 H.

Strawberry hand mask

Mix strawberries and sour cream until smooth. Add a drop of glycerol may be applied to hand for 40 minutes.

Hand mask with melon

Melon pulp mixed with 1 TabS of crushed oatmeal, add juice of a quarter of a lemon. Stir until uniform consistency and apply on skin with thin layer. After rinsing can apply a protective cream.

Potato hand masks

Boiled potato mix until smooth with milk to a thick cream. Mask is suitable for coarse skin and hands. Apply thin layer on hands . Rinse with water.

Boil some potatoes, mash them with fresh milk to the state is not very liquid puree. The finished mixture is put on skin of hands of two – three hours.

Potato – citric nourishing hand mask

Take two boiled in their skins potato tuber and mulled them with two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Put prepared mixture of thick sphere on skin, wrap your hands with plastic wrap, let sit for 15 – 25 minutes. Apply the mask is only necessary in form of heat. Rinse off with not cold water using a mask and moisturize skin cream.

Hand mask with essential oils

It moisturizes and has a good effect of skin rejuvenatio. Oils not only support the elasticity and firmness of skin, they have a healing effect, improve blood circulation, soothe and tone. Also essential oils strengthen the nail system.

With olive or vegetable oil to mix two drops of orange oil, sandalwood and bergamot, add 1TeaS of honey, stir well. Apply mixture on your hands, wear simple rubber gloves.

Hand mask – lotion of aloe juice

With addition of two drops of almond oil plus avocado oil soothe and smooth out the skin, prone to fading. Mixing the two drops of rosemary, juniper and fir with lemon juice, you can not only strengthen the nail system, but also whiten dark spots. The mask is applied to hands, wait 15 minutes. Fragrance oils will improve not only skin, but also elevate your mood.

Moisturizing and nourishing mask for hands desirable to apply every week. And it is better to alternate, so that skin is not accustomed to the components that are contained in the masks.

That woman’s hands are her trademark. And you should always keep in mind, there is nothing more beautiful than a touch of gentle, soft hands of the woman.