Effective Foot Care Home Remedies

We are so worried about skin of our hands and faces , they are paying so much attention and time with help of creams, scrubs and masks that completely forgotten about our legs. And they , by the way , is also in need of care ! In this article I want to tell you some ways to care for them. All recipes are dictated by me are environmentally friendly and safe, so you do not have to worry about it .

The skin on feet and heels especially needs vitamins . Particularly felt in early spring, when the body’s supply of vitamin ” at the end .” Heels become rougher , and they formed cracks . To avoid this, at least 1 T per week to make homemade moisturizing vitamin mask of fresh vegetables , fruits and other natural healing ingredients.

How to soften skin plus remove the long-standing heel calluses? – Best foot care home remedies

Method one : take regular foot bath of warm milk or mint iced tea . Treatment time – twenty minutes.

Method two : Spread your arms and legs with honey (preferably melted sugared product) , wrap the skin smeared film , to warm towel and wait for 0.5 Hour. Then, gently rinse with not cold water.

Method three : Make homemade mask of fresh cheese for feet. Here’s the recipe : it is necessary to steam your feet ( take bath or take a hot bath ) . Then you need to handle your heels with a pumice stone and apply mask on 0.5 an hour , after which wash off with not cold water and moisturize cream.

Mask recipe : Mix 2 TabS of sour cream plus 2 TabS of fresh ricotta .

Method Four : Use mayonnaise to care for your feet. Necessary every night your feet spread mayonnaise ( best olive) , wrap them with plastic wrap plus warm the feet warm socks. So you need to sleep all night. In morning wash with not cold water . Thanks to this recipe, your feet will be soft as a baby’s .

foot care home remedies

Method Five : Make homemade cabbage compress helps to cracks on heels : it is necessary to take a ripe cabbage leaf ( cabbage ) , some recapture the hammer for meat (so it was juicy and soft .) Place the sheet on top of foot and wrap it with plastic wrap. Wear warm socks and sleep well all night.

Method Six : oatmeal for softness heels . Must be prepared oatmeal on water and coat it your feet . Wear plastic bags on their feet and wait for 0.5 an hour.

Method Seven : Chop the garlic, mix it with vegetable oil ( olive beam will approach ) . Spread this gruel feet and wrap polyethylene. Put on warm socks and sleep until morning . In order to get rid of annoying smell of garlic , rub the legs in morning to apple vinegar or lemon .

foot care home remedies

Effective foot care home remedies

Pumpkin mask for skin heels

To prepare this mask you need to grate one medium ripe fruit squash , and then measure out 2 TeaS of resulting pulp, mix it with 1 TeaS of corn oil or olive oil (you can use any vegetable oil of your choice) . Now, the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly, put mixture onto gauze pads , which should then be applied to soles of your feet and lock them with towel , cellophane tape or bandage . After twenty min., remove mask, wash away the remnants with warm running water or chamomile broth with addition of spoon of fresh onion juice .

Apricot mask heels

Must take four – six fresh ripe apricot fruit and grind them with the peel on fine grater to state of mashed potatoes. Now you need lot of ready- mix a half teaspoon of high-quality vegetable oils (such as olive ) and heat mixture a little at couple of water bath . After that, apply a still-warm gruel on cut into squares or a sterile gauze bandage. Apply the poultice to soles of your feet with mask on twenty – thirty min., then rinse off any puree with warm running water, moisten the skin cream for feet.

Orange moisturizing mask for skin of heels

To prepare this mask to grind in blender fruit pulp of one medium orange, and mass is then mixed with half teaspoon of corn or olive oil. Now let stand covered with a mask a little cellophane , and then apply it to skin heels, cover caps of orange peel and wrap in cling film . Rinse medicinal decoction of chamomile fifteen – twenty minutes. To enhance effect of mask is recommended after making moisten heel and forefoot fresh aloe gel .

foot care home remedies

Onion mask for skin toe

For regular skin care heels use a mask at following popular recipe. Mash with fork to mash a boiled onion and add to resulting slurry is 1 teaS of liquid honey flower , then mix ingredients thoroughly and apply mixture onto heels of the thirty – fifty minutes. To fix mask on skin , you can use gauze dressing or bandage . After the procedure, you must wash off mask with not cold water, rub skin with aloe juice or any nourishing cream.

Lemon mask to moisturize the heels

To prepare this mask must be mixed together in any suitable glass container full three teaspoons freshly lemon juice , four teaspoons of fresh lime juice plus 1 teaS of olive oil quality . The mask is applied to skin steaming toe fifteen – thirty min., then rinsed with not cold water containing small amount of broth camomile drug . After the procedure, grease heel or baby cream with fresh aloe gel .

Mask of calendula to soften skin of heels

For preparation of homemade masks you have to melt in water bath at about one hundred grams of fresh butter, add crushed petals of calendula flowers and twenty again warm mixture ( stirring constantly ) for couple for about ten minutes. Now it is necessary to impose thus prepared mixture on the bandage or gauze, apply to soles of your feet . Rinse off after thirty minutes of running water, moisten the skin aloe or glycerin.

Mask of flaxseed for moisturizing skin heels

Need to boil in small amount of purified water two tablespoons purchased at any drug store flax seeds. Properly prepared broth should have consistency of a thick jelly . Now you add broth in 1 TeaS of liquid honey . You can also use honey and candied , but before adding it to recipe it should melt in couple of water bath . Thoroughly mix all ingredients, apply mixture onto your heels even film on the twenty – fifty minutes. To fix the mask , use of a gauze bandage cloth or cling film . When finished rinse off mask residue with not cold water or broth chamomile lubricate skin and fresh aloe gel .

Potato mask for heels

Grate one medium potato tuber on fine grater and mix resulting mush with two tea spoons of honey, plus teaspoon of liquid high-quality olive oil. Now apply mixture onto skin on toe twenty – fifty minutes, rinse with not cold running water, wipe skin with cotton disk moistened cosmetic aloe juice .

Wine mask to hydrate the skin toe

Preheat water bath for half a glass of dry white wine, then add 2 TeaS of liquid honey and mashed banana. Thoroughly mix ingredients and apply ready-made mask for twenty minutes on heels , wrapped them in cling film and a towel. Upon completion of the procedures necessary to rinse off mask with water or mild infusion of green tea, moisturize cream for legs.

Mask with green tea

To prepare the mask pour two cups of boiling water to two tablespoons of high-quality green tea, and allow mixture to brew under hood for two hours. After that, the mixture must be heated in water bath , strain it through cheesecloth, apply to skin pjatochek tea leaves for about twenty min. After the procedure, rinse the feet with not cold water, moisten them with nourishing cream .

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