Easy Losing Weight with Green Tea

Experts have repeatedly cited the facts that showed that drinking greentea helps to get ridof excess weight. When this weight-loss will occur even in the case the search calorie food consumption. In addition, regular consumption of greentea can improve thecondition of the body and raise its tone. So, isit really effective for losing weight with tea? Let’s look at this.

Green Tea plus Milk to Cleanse and Quick Losing Weight:

Milk – tea diet for quick weight loss:

Diet, which I will tell you, is preferable to observe nomore than one – two days, because one day you can lose about half a kilogram (and sometimes even more). But this, of course, depends on the completeness of its applying. By the way, there is noneed to turn your tea in the diet – quite simply, daily use of milk green tea, replacing their usual breakfast or alight supper.

The recipe of milk & tea: you must either be simply brewed green tea or milk to heat and brew tea in it . And now a little more: you need to buy in thestore ( better specialized ) quality tea ( silver – greenish leaves should be atwisted form ) and just pour it (approximately one and a half teaspoons) of hot water. Now let the teabrew for five – ten minutes and add milk to it .

According to Chinese greentea connoisseurs in order to this kind of tea revealed its full flavor, it should be brewing about five times. You can also brew your milk – tea several times, with each new time pouring abit of milk into it.

During the diet, tea & milk and also not-carbonated mineral water can be consumed. During this diet you willnot want to eat as this drink eliminates perfectly thefeeling of hunger. Milk with tea is better used every two hours throughout the day, it willcertainly help you to achieve the greatest success in losing weight with tea.

In the ready tea – milk drink you can add aromatic herbs ( hawthorn and peppermint ), lime, fresh liquid honey.

losing weight with tea

Easy Losing Weight with Green Tea

Finally, I give you asample list ( depends on personal taste and how much you arewilling to spend money) effective Chinese teas, which perfectly combined with milk, giving the result.

Varieties that are ideal for preparing healthful green tea & milk: Sencha, Looe Jing, Gunpowder ( Gunpowder ) green, Huang Shan Maofeng, Zhu Cha ( Ganpauder Temple of Heaven ), Phoenix Eye ( TV Yan), Silver Needle ( Bai Hao Yin Zhen ).