Easy Hand Painted Nail Designs

Who said that the girls should wear jewelry only in the form of bracelets and necklaces?

To create an evening image finished you can use the jewelry and supplement to your nails. Today we will see how easy do it yourself nail designs.

Unique chic nail design always will highlight your personality and your impeccable selection of jewelry.

Here is the master-class which showing step by step how to make glamorous style called Glam-Chic.

Follow the next master-class to have easy hand painted nail designs:

1. The first step – preparation to manicure nails.

Application the Base

easy do it yourself nail designs

Remove the old nail polish. Give the desired shape free edge of the nail. Remember that sharp nails like the claws of animals, no longer relevant.

Degrease the nail plate with nail polish remover or other means, for example, Scrub Fresh from CND.

For best results, cover the nail base coat. Basic coverage will extend your manicure and protects the nail plate from the harmful properties of the decorative paint.


easy hand painted nail designs

2. Apply a special glue along the cuticle. Adhesive peel-off foil you can buy in specialty stores. Wait until the glue is clear.

3. Put foil on the nail. Tear the foil lay on the glue. Press the foil tightly to the nail.

Applying Foil

easy do it yourself nail designs

4. Once you hold briefly with foil tightly pressed to the nail plate, gently but sharply tear it off. Part of the foil will remain on your nail.

Sharply Tear the Foil

easy do it yourself nail designs

5. Design necessary to recharge lacquers, depending on your idea. Chic design glitter nail supplement that will remind glitter polish on precious jewelry.


easy do it yourself nail designs

6. Complete step through the application of nail art shiny coating. For example, Super Shine from CND.

Chic Nail Design

easy do it yourself nail designs

Give free rein to your imagination and some patience. Combine incongruous. Depending on the event you wish to attend, and will depend on your manicure, a combination of colors, shapes and pattern combination.

Take the example of the glamorous stars such as Paris Hilton, walk through specialty stores, you will find in them a lot of money and materials to help you create a unique image, stand out from the masses. Complete manicure with rhinestones and sequins, different types of foil, acrylic design …

I wish all the beautiful nails and elation. Share with me your thoughts and advice .

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