DIY Facial Masks to Nourish the Skin

To maintain the beauty and health of our skin is always essential nutrients. Nutritional facials have all the components that may be able to fill in the missing nutrients and vitamins in the skin layers. Today I prepared recipes folk masks for skin nutrition.

DIY Facial Masks to Nourish the Skin

  • Mask of Strawberries

Stir strawberries with cream and add tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture on the face. After 20minutes, remove the mask with acotton swab dipped in cool milk. It provides nutritious, refreshing and smoothing effect. Works best for dry and chapped skin.

  • Mask of Cereal

Sometimes the skin needs soothing agent, especially when it is rough and inflamed. 2 tablespoons of cereal pour 4tablespoons of cream or milk. When flakes swell, resulting mass put on the face for atleast 20-25minutes. After the procedure the mask is removed with hot water, then rinsing your face with coldwater. This facial mask smoothes tough, dry skin and oily skin gives dullness.

  • The Mask of Green Pea Flour

Nourishing mask of green pea flour has a similar effect. For its preparation must take 2tablespoons of flour and mix with 2tablespoons of serum, and you can do this mask of oatmeal or cornmeal, for it is necessary to take 2tablespoons of flour and mix with one egg white, beaten until foaming. The resulting mass is put on face and leave to dry completely. Then remove the dried mask cloth and wash the face first with hot, then cold water. These procedures purifies and strengthens skin, give haze for oily skin. Like a Roman masks widely used two thousand years ago. Apply them and Hollywood beauties.

  • Mask of Beans according the old Spanish Recipe

Take one cup of beans beans and soak them for afew hours in water, then cook in alittle water until they are soft. Cooked beans must rub through a sieve, and mix hot mass with a juice, squeezed from half alemon, and 1tablespoon of olive oil. This mask has nourishing and smoothing effect. Only recommended for delicate and dry skin.

  • Masks from Flaxseed

In winter, when the skin becomes thinner and more dry, capable of rapid inflammation, use a hydrating mask flaxseed. 2tablespoons of flaxseed pour 2cups of water and cook until the seeds are not yet seethe. The resulting hot mass is put in aface of no more than 20-30minutes. Wash it with hot water, then rinse face with coldwater. Regular use of this facial mask is a tool against premature appearance of wrinkles and folds.

  • Mask of the Interior of Lard

Nourishing mask from interior of pork fat is a universal cosmetic product. It is smeared on face and kept for 20minutes. A few grams can make the skin soft and supple. This facial mask nourishes and smoothes the skin. Even for dry and irritable skin this mask helps very well.

  • Mask with Camphor Cream

Quite often people use homemade camphor cream: 50gramms unsalted pork fat dissolving interior for a couple and 5 gramms of camphor oil, mix well, cool and pour into adark storage jar. Apply before bedtime, after washing your face with coldwater. This mask is used to prevent the formation of bags under the eyes and early skin aging.

diy facial masks  to nourish the skin

  • French Mask

In an enamel or glass bowl pour 1 cup fresh cream, add 1 beaten egg, 100 grams of vodka, juice of 1lemon and 1tablespoon of glycerol. Mix well. This composition is recommended to wipe your neck and face before bedtime. Composition stored in refrigerator for up to 6months.

  • The Mask “Sophia Loren”

1tablespoon of gelatin pour by 100 gramms of cream or milk at night. In morning put this mixture on low heat and heat until dissolved gelatin. After that, add 1tablespoon of glycerol and 1tablespoon of honey. Apply to face massaging gently. If the mask is kept in refrigerator, it is suitable for a week.

  • The Mask “Madame Pompadour”

Grate 1 zest of lemon, pour 100 gramms of alcohol and then strain through cheesecloth. Then add 200 gramms sour cream or cream and 1tablespoon of glycerol.