Darsonval against Hair Falling Out


  • D’Arsonval Apparatus against Hair Falling Out
  • How not to Lose Hair with D’Arsonval Apparatus
  • Effective Treatment of Hair Loss

There are a lot of reasons for the deterioration of the structure of hair and hair falling out. This may be a bad environment, hormonal disorders in the body, the deterioration of metabolism, improper hair care. To the last point concerns the frequent use of the dryer for hair, regular use device for curling hair, even properly chosen cleanser for hair can provoke deterioration in their condition.

One of the effective means that has proved not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine, is a darsonval. Comments regarding the use of this apparatus can be heard different.

Darsonval is used not only for the treatment of hair and scalp, and it is used for the treatment of acne scars on the face to remove wrinkles.

Darsonval Apparatus against Hair Falling Out

Problems with hair may be several:

  • dandruff;
  • hair loss, up to partial or complete baldness;
  • reinforced greasiness of the scalp;
  • formation of small pustules on the scalp.

Causes of these diseases may be different. Only after diagnosing the problem the doctor-trichologist must choose the right treatment of hair loss.

Today, almost any hospital, in any beauty salon a darsonval is used. Also, this device can be purchased from online stores or pharmacies city at reasonable prices. However, this single device may not be enough to completely get rid of the problem – you need to use it in combination with other drugs or treatments.

Darsonval against Hair Falling Out

Darsonval against Hair Falling Out

For example, the causes that provoke hair loss, there may be several:

  1. hormonal failure in the body;
  2. chronic diseases that have arisen as a result of an unbalanced diet and were a consequence of disturbances in the metabolism;
  3. poor blood circulation in the scalp, which leads to a weakening of the hair bulb.

Thanks to darsonval the blood circulation in the skin of the head is getting better, and this has a positive effect on hair follicle structure. In addition, darsonval activates the bulbs that are in sleep mode, so that with time the density of hair increases.

The action of the device is based on the high-frequency pulses, which are produced by the high voltage and affect certain areas of the skin. And thanks to the spark electrical charge of the skin cells are supplied with oxygen. In the process of applying darsonval person does not feel pain or burning at the site of contact with the skin of the device. The maximum that can be – it’s a feeling of warmth and tingling.

How not to Lose Hair with D’Arsonval Apparatus

If we talk about the average data, the duration of treatment d’Arsonval is 2 weeks. However, depending on the doctor’s appointments and type of disease, the rate can be reduced or increased. If the treatment is performed in the clinic, it is necessary to visit daily physiotherapy room. Duration of treatment will be 5-15 minutes, depending on the length, thickness of hair, and type of disease.

To conduct the necessary procedures you can at home, but with the purchase of this device you need to pay attention to the number and types of baits. To fight against hair falling out, as well as solutions to problems of another nature, associated with the hair, it is necessary to use a nozzle-comb. If the device had never been used before buying it is better to visit a paid session in a beauty salon in order to detect skin reactions darsonval. There are several recommendations for darsonval to use at home:

  • and after the procedure and before the any tools should be disinfected with alcohol;
  • during the procedure, the hair should always be dry. Clean hair is not critical;
  • the tools must be firmly pressed against the scalp and comb the hair on the areas: the bang-neck, temples, back of the head;
  • treatment of hair loss with darsonval duration of treatment can be determined only by the doctor.

These procedures will be effective against hair loss, to reduce the greasiness of the skin of the head, get rid of dandruff. If you want to enhance and strengthen hair growth, then immediately after the procedure on the skin of the head should be applied mask or oil. Absorption of nutrients is increased and, therefore, the effect will be more obvious.

Effective Treatment of Hair Loss

In social networks, you can often find reviews about darsonval with negative character. Most of the discontented complaining about the inefficiency of this instrument in the fight against baldness. However, well-known is the fact that self-medication is not always fruitful. Therefore, before buying darsonval, you must consult a doctor-trichologist and find out the cause of baldness.

Effective Treatment of Hair Loss

Effective Treatment of Hair Loss

If the cause of baldness is an overabundance of testosterone in the blood, darsonval in this case it is useless and can only hurt. This type of baldness can be overcome only by a hair transplant.

If the hair loss was the result of a nervous breakdown, depression, the use of the device will come in handy.

If the hair began to crumble due to sharp changes in air temperature, humidity, that the body could not cope in time, the application of these periods darsonval deserve only positive reviews.


Positive feedback regarding the darsonval, as well as the inefficiency of funds previously used in the fight against hair loss may not be a reason for buying this device in the following cases:

  1. problems with blood clotting. This includes frequent bleeding;
  2. active form of tuberculosis;
  3. cardiovascular diseases. The presence of a pacemaker is also a reason for not using darsonval;
  4. predisposition to thrombosis;
  5. proximity of capillaries to the skin of the head or face;
  6. epilepsy;
  7. pregnancy: regardless of the period.
  8. Never use darsonval during menstruation, as well as high body temperature.