Natural Remedies for Under Eye Darkness

One more effective recipe from the experience of russian women against dark circles under eyes.

“Since childhood, I have the dark circles under the eyes due to deep-set eyes. But over the years they became darker and darker. I tried a bunch of different creams, a good result was not achieved. If the result was, it was not for a long time. Then I accidentally read a very interesting homemade recipe. And I decided to try it and was amazed very much!

Natural Remedies for Under Eye Darkness are:
sage herb, chamomile flowers and parsley.Mostly all these herbals you can always buy at the pharmacy. And, parsley is growing in a pot always in my house. Dry parsley can be used also.

Take all these herbals of 1-2 teaspoons per cup of hot water. Insist approximately 2 hours. Pour into a mold for the ice in the freezer!

Morning and evening wipe with a piece of ice to the skin around the eyes.

The result is on the face!

Immediately after application do not be afraid that the dark circles will seem even darker due to the fact that the skin becomes red from the cold. In a few minutes later everything will come back to normal!

I use this recipe for about a month. I quite forgotten about make-up concealers and correctors.

Do not keep the ice on the skin for a long time! You can frozen the skin.

Herbal water only should to be absorb into the skin. Do not wash or wipe after the procedure!

In the photo my fresh-frozen herbal-ice! Certainly not very pretty, but natural and effective!”

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