Cracks in Corners of the Mouth: Prevention and Treatment


  • What Causes Cracks in Corner of Mouth
  • Cracked Corners of Mouth: Effective Treatment

Unfortunately, many of us periodically cracks in the corners of the lips, which bring a lot of trouble not only in the cold season, but when we did not even expect! However, if you know the basic reasons and rules “fight” against this phenomenon, it is possible to avoid its occurrence, preventing it in the bud.

What Causes Cracks in Corner of Mouth

Typically, the cracks do not come suddenly – for example, during a call or when applying lipstick, when suddenly in the corner of his mouth comes an unpleasant burning sensation accompanied by itching. This problem can occur in people of any age and does not depend on any external conditions (although a little more often cracks appear in spring and autumn).

What are the causes of cracks in the corners of his mouth? There may be plenty, and you can not even suspect what was going on! The main factors are as follows:

  • violations of metabolic processes in the body,
  • problems with the stomach and intestines,
  • the presence of bacterial infections or fungal diseases,
  • weakening of the immune system and vitamin deficiency,
  • iron and zinc deficiency in the body,
  • various allergies – such as a toothpaste or lipstick,
  • improper wearing of dentures (if you shoot them carelessly, you can break or damage the skin at the corners of the mouth).
Cracked Corners of Mouth: Effective Treatment

Cracked Corners of Mouth: Effective Treatment

Of course, treatment should be started only when the cause is established, and in some situations it can handle only a doctor. It is he who will prescribe a comprehensive survey of all “suspicious” systems and organs, and then be able to advise how to treat fractures in the lip corners efficiently. However, if you know exactly what it is, a problem you can handle on their own.

Cracked Corners of Mouth: Effective Treatment

If you want to permanently get rid of the cracks in the corners of the mouth, you will need to first of all follow the regular use of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. In particular, you need products such as potatoes, oatmeal, corn, asparagus, buckwheat, parsley, pomegranates, mushrooms and nuts, as well as different kinds of meat. In addition, the crack will need to be treated with special agents that reduce inflammation and healing the skin. This can be used:

  • thermal water (it is possible to sprinkle the affected area)
  • chapstick (single application and two cracks become less)
  • rosehip oil, avocado, tea tree, flax, sea-buckthorn (they allow to soften and heal the skin)
  • solutions of vitamins E and A (they must lubricate the skin)
  • decoctions of succession, sage, chamomile and celandine (used as lotions)

If the situation allows, and you can stay at home for some time, you can lubricate inflamed corners of the mouth and even iodine tincture (do it, his mouth wide open, even if it hurt).

Moreover, if the cracks have a fungal origin, some folk remedies will not be enough – need more and special antifungal drugs. Incidentally, in this case, try to isolate your personal items because fungal skin lesions are contagious.

However, treatment of cracks in the corners of his mouth will be completely unsuccessful without prevention and support measures. Therefore, it is best if you begin to adhere to a number of rules that should be fundamental for you:

  • in inflammation of the skin at the corners of the mouth, avoid spicy and salty foods, so as not to exacerbate the problem;
  • do not hurt the skin and the wound did not pick, giving them heal faster;
  • use anti-inflammatory and healing mask for the skin of the lips (eg, aloe juice or apple, cooked in milk);
  • if cracks in the corners of the lips do not give rest, try to treat them with ointment Vishnevsky, gently rubbing the wound.

And, of course, remember about their safety, too: try to never use another person’s personal hygiene, and is not from a foreign dishes, especially if you are not sure of its purity. And, of course, no one has ever trust your makeup!