Coffee Mask for Hair: Recipes and Methods of Application


  • Coffee Mask for Hair
  • Olive Oil and Coffee for Hair
  • Brandy, Onion and Coffee for Hair Growth
  • Dye Hair with Coffee and Henna
  • Coffee Mask with Milk

To start the day with a cup of coffee is loved by many people. But it can be used not only as a refreshing morning drink. Coffee is also successfully used in cosmetology. In this article we will talk about the benefits of coffee for hair. Yes, it helps not only cheer, but also to strengthen hair.

Coffee Mask for Hair

First, we give general recommendations for use of coffee mask in hair care:

  • Instant coffee – it’s not coffee, and the whole periodic table in one glass. Therefore, only use organic coffee, containing no additives and impurities;
  • Should choose small or medium coffee grinding, close will not work;
  • You can also use the midst of a drinking coffee, cooked without added sugar, milk or cream;
  • Coffee is preferable to use a mask for dark-haired women, blondes it can “paint”.
  • And now we present recipes for masks of coffee.
Brandy, Onion and Coffee for Hair Growth

Brandy, Onion and Coffee for Hair Growth

Olive Oil and Coffee for Hair

You will need the extra virgin olive oil green, the most recent, which will be able to find in stores.
In principle, it can be replaced burdock or castor oil.
You can also add in the mask of orange or lemon oil – it will give your hair extra shine.

The useful olive oil for hair? It nourishes the scalp and prevents split ends. A coffee, in turn, has a cleansing action. Therefore, combining the two components to get the effect of stunning.

How to make a mask?

It is necessary to warm up the oil in a water bath to a warm state. Next add the coffee in an amount such as to obtain a liquid preparation and ingredients.

Thoroughly mix the resulting mixture. Apply it to damp hair and wraps them in cellophane or cling film, in addition to warm towel. We go with a mask for half an hour, then wash off with warm water and shampoo.

What makes this mask with regular use of it? The hair becomes thick and shiny. In addition, you can achieve smooth, shiny hair and rich coffee color.

Brandy, Onion and Coffee for Hair Growth

For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Onion;
  2. Honey;
  3. Burr oil;
  4. Cognac (can be replaced with rum or vodka).
  5. And, of course, natural coffee.

How to prepare?

We grind the onion until mushy state (you can grate). Then take all the ingredients one tablespoon and mix thoroughly.

The resulting composition is very neat, massaged, rubbed into the scalp. Apply the remnants of the mask on your hair and wrap up head with cling film, to warm towel. We hold on the head for about thirty minutes and then wash off with plain tap water.

It is better to do the mask at the weekend, in order not to scare off others onion smell.

Dye Hair with Coffee and Henna

With the help of coffee, you can even dye the hair in a natural shade of brown, without spoiling their “harmful” paints.
It’s very simple: add a couple tablespoons of coffee in a mask made of natural henna. So not only do you dye your hair, but also nourishes the scalp.

This method of hair color of coffee is only good for the dark “by nature” of hair. If you have previously dyed hair artificial colors, from the application of henna with coffee is better to abstain.

Coffee Mask with Milk

The list of ingredients:

  1. Natural coffee: 2 tablespoons lodges;
  2. Milk: 100 grams;
  3. Honey: 1 tablespoon;
  4. Egg;
  5. Essential Oil: any that you like.

How to prepare?

It is necessary to pour coffee with milk and bring to a boil in a saucepan. Then the warm mixture, add all the remaining ingredients, stir quickly to the egg did not have time to curl and apply on hair. Lasted 15 minutes.

So now you know a few recipes of coffee mask, as well as hair coloring can make your own coffee.
Try it – and then share how good the resulting effect!