Cloves Benefits: Use of Oil of Cloves


  • Clove Oil Uses for Hair
  • Cloves Benefits: Use of Oil of Cloves
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Today the poor environment, frantic pace and bustle of city life inevitably cause our hair to be at the peak of extreme. The unhealthy diet, bad habits, hair dryers, curling irons, electric, levelers can be added to harmful factors, as also like the seasonal fluctuations in the form of the sun, the wind, the rain, which lay their negative imprints on the state of our hair. All this taken together, can lead to disastrous consequences, expressed in loss of gloss and condition of their healthy appearance, dryness, dandruff, forked tips, allergic manifestations on the skin of the head.

Therefore every modern woman is trying to take care of the health of her hair by applying to it a lot of effort and patience. Having beautiful hair – the woman is always on top, taking complements, feeling admiring glances of passersby. To help the women in the realization of this dream the natural oil of cloves uses very successfully.

Clove Oil Uses for Hair

Clove Oil Uses for Hair

Clove essential oil is extracted from the flower bud evergreen clove tree belonging to the family of myrtle. These trees grow in the countries of the warm tropical climate of Brazil, Africa and Indonesia.

Flower bud carnation has the form of a complex Semiumbels and is a cylindrical receptacle with egg-false berry. After collection, these tight buds dried and then subjected to steam distillation, it is essential to obtain clove oil uses directly.

Natural oil of clove is a colorless or yellowish liquid which has a pungent flavor with a pleasantly sweet, tart and warm scent of eugenol. unique complexes are substances in its composition of:

  • eugenol;
  • ylang;
  • caryophyllene;
  • eugenol acetate;
  • heptanol;
  • benzaldehyde;
  • nonalona;
  • vanillin;
  • benzoate;
  • benzyl alcohol.

Cloves Benefits: Use of Oil of Cloves

Natural essential oil of cloves uses, due to its remarkable curative properties and a high ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, it is widely used in cosmetology. One of the directions of use – this treatment, rehabilitation, strengthening and accelerating hair growth.

Like a powerful energy tonic, clove oil has a number of medicinal properties.

The effect of hair masks with clove oil uses:

  • heal wounds;
  • reduce inflammation;
  • rejuvenate the scalp;
  • tone up the hair follicle;
  • stop the bleeding;
  • anesthetize;
  • regenerate hair growth function.

When applying it to the hair or scalp the cloves benefit are improving blood circulation, normal heat, expands blood vessels, which makes it possible to fully achieve the useful substances into the hair follicles. Having good nutrition, hair begins to intensive growth.

Hair growth effect is further enhanced by antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral properties of this natural product, which further contribute to improving the supply of the skin of the head. Oil of cloves gently cleanses greasy hair roots, relaxes the skin, removing antispasmodic processes, thereby activating the work of capillaries.

Before using essential oils of clove, it is necessary to check on the individual tolerance, dropping to the wrist and determined the response. If it is expressed in a strong redness, itching, burning or pain, this oil can not be used by you.

Since the clove oil is enough strong concentrate. Doses of application are a few drops with mixing the most appropriate base oils.

The most optimal in this case are the oils of:

  • olives;
  • sunflower;
  • peach;
  • maize;
  • avocado;
  • almonds;
  • grape seed.

Clove essential oil blends with essential oils:

  • cinnamon;
  • rosemary;
  • juniper;
  • geranium;
  • lemon;
  • chamomile.

Applying the clove oil is recommended with aromatherapy by combing, oil wrap or facials.

Aromo combing

The technology is fairly simple. To this purpose, a few drops of oil should be applied on a comb, and then, holding the hair, to achieve a uniform distribution of it throughout.

Masks with Clove Oil

Masks with Clove Oil

To strengthen and improve hair growth, in the opinion of cosmeticians, is recommended the elementary simple effective mask consisting of the ratio of 5 drops of clove oil to a teaspoon or 30 ml of any oils’ bases.

The mask is based on jojoba oil with essential rosemary, juniper and cloves for 5 drops of each fights with the fat greasy roots and at the same time to helps to strengthen hair.

For slowly growing hair the mask with salt and clove oil will help very much.
The cloves benefits from procedures. Soften the scalp and reduce its sensitivity, in the opinion of many women, the concentrate of clove oil with wheat germ oil in the traditional ratio of 5 drops per 30 ml of base is suited perfectly.

The most effective clove oil uses is the warm mask of equal proportions of honey, ground cinnamon, red pepper, burdock and clove oil – each ingredient for a teaspoon, during 1 hour.

Applying masks for these recipes for prophylaxis 1 per week for 3 months, you can get a strong, healthy and obedient hair. Treatment will have to be carried out in a month, limited to a three-day break.


Oil of cloves is a generous gift of nature. Using it for hair care the products, eliminates the problem of root zone, dandruff, moisturizing hair.
It activates the capillary work, enhancing metabolic processes. This oil revives to life the weak shoots, regenerates dormant follicles by improving circulation.

Skillfully handling of natural clove oil will allow each woman to have a strong and healthy hair of her dreams.