Chicory: Contraindications


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Any article of this plant begins necessarily with the same offer: chicory has a mass of useful and medicinal properties, which simply has no equal in the plant world! This phrase does have the lion’s share of the truth, but still it should be noted that this is certainly a useful plant is and negative aspects. In particular, its uncontrolled use can lead to the fact that, even despite the excellent therapeutic qualities possessed chicory, contraindications still will be stronger. And if that time does not take into account, can cause very serious damage to their health.

Threats Chicory

Primarily, chicory contraindications due to the fact that the plant (especially a part of the coffee beverage) is an aphrodisiac. In this regard, the chicory acting as well as coffee and – artificially excites the nervous system, causing the blood pressure drops and increased heart rate. This feature severely limits the number of people that can fearlessly use chicory: contraindications to the use of this plant is related to all who suffer from vascular disease, heart problems or nervous system.

Chicory: Contraindications

Chicory: Contraindications

Of course, this does not mean that they can not eat this plant at all: after all, useful to virtually everyone in small doses chicory. However, patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, it is better to consult a doctor before you buy chicory drink and especially before you start using any product based on this plant.

Contraindications Allergy

As is known, the most useful part of this plant is the root, which contains a lot of trace elements and healing substances. Among them, in particular, carbohydrate inulin, which is particularly useful for diabetics, fats, proteins, pectins, inorganic salts and vitamin C. The composition is brilliant, but only at first glance. For example, the same vitamin C or ascorbic acid in the leaves and stems of chicory, can do a disservice to people with allergies and sensitive to this component, which immediately react to the use of chicory severe allergic attack.

Moreover, the regular use of chicory as drugs or the use of it in food can be one of the causes of the excess in the body of vitamin C, resulting in a lot of unpredictable skin reactions and unpleasant consequences – up to angioedema.

Also for allergic contraindications chicory relevant also because this plant can cause an individual intolerance. This phenomenon is extremely rare, but it has very serious consequences: the use of large amounts of chicory can cause severe attack, which, alas, can even end lethally.

Chicory Danger

However, these negative properties of chicory not far from the only ones. Unfortunately, contraindications chicory may apply not only to those who are afraid of allergies or problems with the heart and blood vessels. Also, chicory can be dangerous for those who:

  • suffers from gastritis or gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer disease;
  • complains of hemorrhoids;
  • suffer from various diseases of the liver;
  • treated for insomnia, depression, or stress;
  • suffers from a chronic cough or is sick with bronchitis, asthma and other diseases.

The last point is especially important. Alas, for all the positive qualities possessed by chicory, contraindications to its use especially concern those who suffer from respiratory diseases: This plant is able to enhance and excite coughing even healthy, not to mention the patients.

Also, chicory, which relate to contraindications, and the gastrointestinal tract, it is not recommended to use wishing to lose weight. It can cause increased appetite, so its use is not recommended for those who are sitting on a diet, struggling with obesity or just trying to lose some weight.

In general, buying in a store chicory, contraindications, which, as a rule, do not indicate on the packaging, better still talk to your doctor about what you intend to use chicory drink or drug consumption. Of course, this plant has a lot of positive qualities, and its negative manifestations are relatively rare, however, to protect themselves from possible risks, better to be safe for even the most harmless means can be fatal if used carelessly and improperly.