Chaga Mushroom Benefits in Folk and Official Medicine


  • Chaga Health Benefits: is it True?
  • Chaga Mushroom Benefits for Effective Treatment
  • Best Recipes with Chaga

Birch mushroom Chaga, we recommend to use almost everywhere: in folk medicine for all kinds of receptions fortune tellers and even in the offices of practitioners! This is not surprising: the use of topical fungus was a few centuries ago, and many felt this mushroom true folk healer – he attributed special properties that could cure all diseases, ranging from common inflammations and tumors even finishing!

In our time, little has changed, and if you want to find an effective folk remedy for many diseases, try to use chaga!

chaga health benefits

Chaga Mushroom Benefits in Folk and Official Medicine

Chaga Health Benefits: is it True?

The use of this fungus over time, does not lose relevance. On the basis of regularly release a variety of drugs and medicinal properties of fungus highly prized by physicians of different directions. This is due to the unique composition of mushroom chaga gradually accumulate in substances produced by the birch to protect against this parasite fungus, and fungus application allows you to make these substances protective equipment for our body. Given this, it is believed that the use chaga is especially important for those who live in contaminated areas (for example, in the zone of the Chernobyl disaster), since this fungus is not only strengthens the body, but also:

  • removes radionuclides;
  • regulates metabolism;
  • increases the protective functions of the body;
  • it stimulates the cardiovascular system;
  • improves the activity of the respiratory system.

In this case the parasitic fungus is not considered toxic: in some regions, foresters brew it as a tea, and drink regularly, believing it is an excellent prevention of several diseases.

Chaga Mushroom Benefits for Effective Treatment

First of all, the use of birch fungus is considered the most effective in oncology: it is believed that this fungus reduces the rate of tumor growth, and even some observations have shown that regular use of the fungus after the condition of cancer patients significantly improved. Especially the use of the fungus is considered to be relevant when the patient contraindicated radiation and chemotherapy, but, of course, should not be considered a panacea chaga from the disease and the fungus should be used only in conjunction with products of traditional medicine.

In addition, Chaga is used also for:

  • treatment of stomach ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (especially gastritis);
  • prevention of precancerous conditions that would stabilize the patient’s condition and reduce the risk of developing cancer;
  • treatment of polyps;
  • treatment of liver disease and the spleen;
  • facilitate patient with bronchitis or pulmonary tuberculosis.

The most convenient way to take chaga in infusions and decoctions (can also be used as a tea), and in some cases the fungus can be incorporated into compositions of various plant collections.

Best Recipes with Chaga

Chaga brew or prepare tinctures of it is easy. Collect the mushroom should be in the winter or late fall (so you will find it easier), but you can also buy chaga on the market (it is sold very often). Then, the fungus is crushed and dried in a well ventilated area, and after that you can prepare the infusion:

  • washed pieces of fungus soaked in cold boiled water up to 5 hours (when the water does not pour out procedure)
  • then chop mushroom on a grater or use the grinder,
  • pour boiling water (one part by weight of the fungus into five parts water)
  • leave for two days.

You can then strain the infusion, pour into it the water in which you soaked mushrooms, and take this remedy three times a day over a glass half an hour before meals. If you want to make a mushroom, you can do it on the basis of tea, brewing just dried slices in a kettle.

At the same time during the course of treatment required to comply with the special milk-vegetable diet. This involves a temporary reduction in your menu fats and meat products, as well as a complete rejection of smoked meats, sausages and all acute. The use of the fungus is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, and during the injection of penicillin and glucose.

Usually the course of application of fungus reduced to 3-5 months, after which you need to make a break for 1-2 weeks. And, of course, before you start treatment, you should always consult with a doctor – not only to ensure that does not hurt, but in order not to miss other treatments for your condition.