Causes for hair loss in women


  • Stress is the first cause for hair loss in women
  • Malnutrition and starvation diets
  • Protecting hair from the sun
  • Protect hair from the sea and chlorinated water
  • Secure hair coloring
  • Taking care of every hair
  • Treatment against hair loss due to diseases

Our appearance reflects by our state of health and the health of the hair. Loss of hair is unpleasant moment in the life of any person. To avoid this, you need to know the reasons and think how to save hair from falling out.

Stress is the first cause for hair loss in women

Troubles at work and in your personal life cause a severe blow to our body. It would seem what terrible is for hair? In times of stress hormones are released into the blood, which cause a spasm of blood vessels of the head and thereby they violated the circulatory process in the hair bulb. So the it occurs the loss of hair, which is in spasm. To restore the normal conditions for hair can be no earlier than 3-4 months.

 How to save hair from falling out after a stressful situation? Doctors advise, first of all, to take the situation under control and try to rest as much as possible. It is best to start taking sedatives. It depends on the condition of man, but the soothing herbal preparations will not interfere. Secondly, turn to the diet of foods containing vitamins B, and it is better to buy the complex and take a capsule according to the instructions.

To calm the nervous system and, thus, save your hair from falling out the calm situation can help, walking outdoors and even unscheduled vacation. Do not drive themselves into a corner, the situation in which you were forced to be over. You have to think about the future, live a full life and protect health.

treatment against hair loss

Treatment against hair loss

 Malnutrition and starvation diets

In order to avoid loss curls, they need to be fully fed. Did not have included in your diet fish, milk, cheese, fruit, honey, nuts, you force the organism to get useful items inside, thereby disrupting its healthy functioning. Not entering the minerals and vitamins in the blood vessels will soon remind yourself by dry and thinning tresses. Pay special attention to this in the spring, when even a healthy body needs support.

A woman always strives to attract, and the figure is the most important weapon in this direction. We often go to the most ill-considered steps to look slim. But whether is this the beauty? Fast diet based on a low content of calories, lead us to metabolic disorders and, once again, it makes stress to the body. Lose weight gradually, more emphasizing on increasing physical activity. Avoid bread, desserts, fried and spicy foods, and you will feel how slowly you go to your target. Moreover, to stabilize a lot easier with this lifestyle and eating habits.

Protecting hair from the sun

When summer comes, we spend more time outdoors. And the summer – this is a vacation, and always plenty of sun, and where the sun is, there is the sea. Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to hair, as well as to the skin. In the sun, they shine and appear beautiful, but during this period they lose their natural beauty. Curls are dull, brittle, and it’s not very pleasant to see it after a while. Today, many of fashionable scarves, hats, bandanas, which will not only save your hair from the sun, they can make you stylish and modern.

Be sure to purchase the means of hair care line of defense against the sun. It is soft, nourishing shampoos, conditioners and special protective sprays, which cover hair with light film. (SPF) icon is usually used by cosmetics manufacturers, emphasizing the purpose of the series is to protect against UV radiation.

Do not forget that your hair does not have to reside in the sea water. If you hair is wet in the sea, be sure to rinse them with fresh water. It is best to use a special shampoo that can be used several times a day.

Protect hair from the sea and chlorinated water

For salt and chlorine water does not bring harm to your hair after shampooing rinse hair with a solution. Boil the water and add to it a little soda and lemon juice.

Pay special attention to colored hair. The chemicals that you use, have already caused damage to the hair and the sun doubles the negative impact and disrupts their structure.

treatment against hair loss

Cause for hair loss in women

Secure hair coloring

Being attractive and, at the same time, do not paint your hair is virtually impossible. After so many opportunities for changing the colours. If you’re so convinced that you can not avoid coloring, choose a quality paint with maximum protection.

It is better to use natural dyes such as Henna, Basma, or use soft without ammonia solutions. Always, after coloring the hair, begin a series of nutrients and reducing procedures, in order to avoid over-drying and subsequent hair loss.

A huge number of ready-made masks and special detergents for colored hair will help in the shortest possible time to restore the structure of hair and keep it from falling out. The simplest home-made mask for feeding and softening hair – is cream mask. Apply mask massaging to the roots and the entire length of hair and keep a cap for 30 minutes. Then rinse the cream mask with shampoo. This beneficial effect not only on the hair itself, but also on the scalp, which also received a small burn after staining.

Taking care of every hair

To love and care your hair, it is necessary not only when you have hair loss. This can be avoided if you make a habit of the following rules:

  • Several times a day, comb your hair. Particular attention is paid to them in the evening, using brushes and combs made of natural materials. Head massage with smooth movements of the comb is not painful – the best prophylactic against hair loss.
  • Before washing long hair to comb them is necessarily. Wash hair, putting the head back, so as not to injure them. After washing the hair wet strands lightly blotted with a towel, and in any case do not tighten them with a towel.
  • Do not overuse rubber bands, barrettes and other ornaments for hair.
  • Curling hair and dryers, if possible, replace by soft curlers. In order to be obedient hair, use special means to help cope with the hair, minimally exposing them to heat treatment.

If hair loss is already there, as much as possible, try to eliminate the coloring, hair treatment and styling hair dryers and irons. Just be patient, because you will lose much less, and choose for themselves are the safest ways of styling.

Treatment against hair loss due to diseases

There is another unpleasant moments, which can cause hair loss. These are some of the disease, including:

  1. Hormonal disorders, kidney disease, liver and adrenal glands;
  2. Infectious diseases, use of antibiotics;
  3. Postpartum women;
  4. Puberty and the threshold of menopause;
  5. Fungal diseases of the scalp.

In order to stop hair loss during or after an illness, you should consult with your doctor. If time does not diagnose the problem, it is possible to miss the early stages of alopecia, and then treatment can last for months.

Loss is a natural process in the life of the hair. The average hair lives up to 5 years, and every day we naturally lose up to 100 hairs. This is a normal process of renewal. But if their number is exceeded, do not delay, determine the cause and take for urgent treatment.

Healthy hair is in your hands. Love yourself, take care of your body and your hair will tell you this beauty and strength.