Castor Oil is One of the Best Oil for Skin and Hair

Today most valuable oil of castor used by women. It is an inexpensive and simple means good effect on hair growth, improves skin, smoothes out wrinkles. Castor oil is prepared from seeds of fast-growing plants – castor oil. Most of the oils are glycerides, which is responsible for its toughness and ductility. Viscosity sunflower it exceeds 18 times. There is a special kind of castor oil – Jamaican (black). The characteristic color of his due process of roasting followed by ” boiling ” seeds. Experts say that in this oil all benefits of oil of castor even stronger and bigger.

best oil for skin and hair

Castor Oil is One of the Best Oil for Skin and Hair

Best Oil for Skin and Hair

Pure Castor Oil

Pour a little of oil of castor in palm of hand, rub and lubricate hair with oil of castor. This method is rather to be applied once pe week, within a month you will be pleasantly surprised with elegant look of hair.

Oil Mask with Shampoo

Mix in ratio of 1:1:1 castor oil, vegetable (olive or sunflower) oil plus shampoo. Rub into roots of hair before washing, and the remainder applied to ends of hair. Leave on for 20-40 min. Wash off with soap plus shampoo.

Balm with Castor Oil and Apple Cider/Vinegar

2 TblS of oil of castor mixed with 1 TeaS of cider of apple or vinegar. After 2 egg yolks and whisk thoroughly mixed with oil. To this mixture add 3 tablespoons usually mild shampoo. Components mask thoroughly mixed.
Balm applied to not dry hair along its length. Your head was wrapped in plastic wrap, wash off after 10-15 min. with lukewarm water.

This is the photo of this mask results:

castor oil for hair

Balm with Castor Oil and Apple Cider/Vinegar

Hair Mask with Oil of Castor plus Yogurt

Put cup of yogurt in bowl with hot water, when it will be warm, there drip 5 drops of oil of castor, the resulting composition rub into scalp and hair. Cover the head with plastic wrap plus a towel. Thirty minutes later wash hair with not cold water.

Hair Loss?

Castor oil has again come to the rescue. Add to one part of oil two parts of vodka, rub into roots of hair, result will not be long in coming.

Excessive Hair Loss?

Use the following recipe: mix equal parts of oil of castor plus rubbing alcohol. Apply to hair roots. After 1-2 H, rinse head. Rinse with acidified water. It is this: in the rinsing water is squeezed juice 1/2 lemon, or add 1-2 TblSof vinegar.
Note: wash off oil from hair is difficult, but possible. Always using shampoo. Rinse the head after the procedure carefully.

Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy.
Storage: 1-2 years. Store in tightly – closed container dark. After opening, keep in fridge.

Strengthen Hair!

Two TblS of onion juice mixed with 2 TblS of oil of castor. Mixture is rubbed into hair roots and wrapped head with plastic bag plus a towel for 30-40 min.

Take equal parts of oil of castor plus fresh lemon juice plus alcohol. Mix into a clean container, store in dark place . Smeared on the night hair roots, next morning wash hair with shampoo . This recipe makes it even starting baldness .


Castor oil works fine with dandruff. Technique is simple: in glass of hot strong tea, add 1 TeaS of oil of castor plus 20 g. of vodka, this lineup then polish hair for 1 H before washing.

When dry dandruff?

I can recommend the following composition: 2 TblS of tincture of calendula, 2 TblS castor oil. Mix and rub into scalp. For 20-30 min.

Oil of Castor for Eyelashes

castor oil for for eyelashes

Castor Oil is One of the Best Oil for Skin and Hair

Daily Application of Oil

Using a brush (use a brush of mascara, previously well washed) will be eyelashes long, thick and fluffy.

Recipe use of oil of castor for growth and beauty of eyelashes is very simple – a few times per week, lubricate the night cilia plus bottom of the century, castor oil, your eyes will soon become irresistible.

Tip: If you want to see hair and eyelashes even more beautiful, mix Castor oil one to one with fish oil. Consistency gives a very soft, the effectiveness of its above.

Castor Oil and Wrinkles

castor oil for skin

Castor Oil is One of the Best Oil for Skin and Hair


To do this, take a tablespoon, hold it over a little gas, the metal is warmed. Then remove and pour into it castor oil. It heats up quickly – in that a castor oil is better absorbed by skin. Facial massage with heated castor oil is especially recommended for women after 30, as it removes fine wrinkles.

Face mask

It is especially good in the winter, when the skin freezes, it becomes scaly and dry. Connect face mask egg yolk with ten drops of oil of castor, apply a thin layer of mixture to face. Remove a quarter of 1 H, then wash with chamomile extract useful or green tea.

Wrinkles Under Eyes

Gently heat the teaspoon over the fire, move from the fire, pour oil into it, let it warm up a bit. Warm oil lubricate the skin around eyes and drive in your fingertips. Be careful, oil should be hot enough to put up a finger. Otherwise, you can burn the sensitive skin. If this procedure is to spend two or three T-s a month, you get rid of many shallow wrinkles and prevent formation of new ones. Oil should be a little – a little.

Facial Wrinkles

Need a small amount of oil of castor, slightly warmed (warm as well as in recipe for a century), massaging gently apply to face and gently massage. After two Hs, remove the excess with cotton swab. In castor oil used as a base can be added to essential oils to obtain a larger effect.

Enrich Any of Cream

1-2 drops of an essential oil immediately before use. With regular use, skin becomes noticeably softer, improves the complexion. Castor oil can clog pores, so during this course to once every 10 days to do pilling.

Castor Oil – the Enemy of Warts

They disappear if castor oil rubbed into wart overnight and in morning. This should be done for at least ten min. so that oil is well absorbed by skin. You can print spots and small moles. Although the latest, best to consult a doctor. This selftreatment can be dangerous.