Calendula Officinalis: Solar for Beautiful Nails


  • Unusual Use of Calendula Officinalis
  • “NAILS” Panacea, or the Use of Calendula in All Its Variations

The flower of the sun, the bride of summer, the sun-watch… Bright yellow and orange marigold baskets, resembling a miniature sun, prefers the most exquisite bouquets still Marguerite de Valois, Queen of Navarre. However, from time immemorial, the use of marigold is not limited to only the decorative purposes.

Its unique properties were known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The famous Avicenna claimed calendula invaluable in the treatment of diseases of the joints, digestive tract and nervous system. The flowers of this plant are used to treat skin diseases, healing of wounds and burns, they are taken out warts and calluses. Garlands of marigold and hung from the ceiling at the entrance to the house for protection against infections.

Healers were confident in the fact that any disease goes unnoticed, if for a long time just to look at the sun, “Marigold.” That’s called calendula officinalis, where it started to grow back in the 12th century. The reason, perhaps, was the resemblance of its seeds with curved claws of birds.

Unusual Use of Calendula Officinalis

It is also known to quite widespread in many countries, the use of “marigold” in love magic. So, in the villages truly believed that in order to keep the beloved, bind him forever to her, enough to plant marigold flower in a pot with the earth dug out of the track of a loved one. In some places, calendula is still considered a symbol of love and constancy, give her bouquets of their sweethearts.

Calendula Officinalis: Solar for Beautiful Nails

Calendula Officinalis: Solar for Beautiful Nails

But this application is not limited to calendula. From its petals before preparing jam, capable, as they say, improve mood significantly. For a long time, “nails” quite successfully replaced the much more expensive saffron. Even today, calendula is often used in European cuisine: isolated from its flowers dye stained with some sort of butter and cheese, add it to the meat dishes and soups.

Fresh juice “marigold” many successfully derive freckles, and a decoction of the taken in equal proportions, calendula, hops, marigold and nettle strengthens the hair perfectly.

“NAILS” Panacea, or the Use of Calendula in All Its Variations

It is noteworthy that calendula, whose life-giving power is concentrated mainly in the flowers, found recognition not only of traditional healers, but also in traditional medicine. On the basis of the plant, has wound-healing, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, soothing and tonic properties, manufactured all kinds of ointments, creams, tinctures and pills.

However, the miracle drug and is a snap to cook at home. For example, for the preparation of home infusion need 2 tablespoons (tablespoons) of fresh flowers and half a cup of alcohol. The crushed flowers poured into a glass bowl, pour in the alcohol and tightly closed, tied for 8 days in a dark place. Then there is only strain the infusion and use as directed. And store it is unlikely to have a long time, since the use of calendula tincture is quite extensive.

This tincture (previously spreading a few drops of water) drink as cholagogue, take in diseases of the stomach and liver, and hypertension. Use to rinse the throat and make of it a lotion on wounds, bruises, minor cuts, boils, burns and frostbitten areas of the body. Buried in the ear with otitis. When cervical erosion do douching – at the rate of 1 tsp.. liqueur glass of water.

Incidentally, the use of calendula in gynecology has been practiced in the 12th century. With its help it is possible to get rid of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, fight with seals and tumors in the breast, remove the tone of the uterus, and so on. D.

In various diseases of the digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent is often applied tincture of calendula. To cook it you need the flower baskets, 2 h. Spoon which you want to brew two cups of boiling water and leave to infuse for an hour under the hood. Strain the infusion drink 4 times a day on a tablespoon.

Protect your skin from the negative external effects, fight with varicose veins, accelerate the healing of wounds, cuts, ulcers, to get rid of bruises, and forget about the prickly heat, diaper rash and other skin problems in children – when solving any of these problems actually use oil calendula own cooking. The recipe is quite simple it. Glass jar on? volume filled with fresh flowers, then fill to the brim with oil – olive or sunflower. Lid closed container for 10 days put in a cool place, do not forget from time to time to shake the jar. Once can only drain the oil, store it in the refrigerator and use as needed.

At the same time still worth remembering about the possible risks of any self-treatment and, before you decide on the use of calendula for medicinal purposes, to consult on this matter with your doctor.