Bright Make Up – Nostalgia for Freedom


  • Distinctive Features of Bright Make Up
  • Preparing the Skin for Bright Make Up
  • Applying Bright Make Up

The bright and creative, extremely bold and uninhibited young girls of far sixties of the last century have left us with a free and feminine bright make up. The modern daring fashionistas are parading on the red carpet in the images of independent and outrageous mods is the best proof of the popularity of unusual bright make up in refined style.

Distinctive Features of Bright Make Up

Immaculately groomed appearance: perfectly purified, toned and moisturized skin.

Bright and clear eyes loomed with very neat arrows and cilia, most carefully painted and combed. Often for evening makeup style merry and dancing hipsters the highest quality false eyelashes are used.

True stylish people always make appropriate complement stylish hairdo. This can be a high bouffant bangs. Recent trends – perfectly smooth, specially straightened long bangs combined with small waves curls top and back of the head.

Accordingly, clothing and footwear – also an integral part of the completed image of the modern dandies.

Preparing the Skin for Bright Make Up

The perfect skin is extremely rare. Therefore, the first and the basic procedure – everyday full care of facial and neck. Do not wash with soap and water, it is not necessary. More early you stop doing it, the more chances to preserve youthful skin. Choose the right cosmetic face care, focusing your age, skin type and the presence or absence of inflammatory processes. As part of the daily comprehensive care should be a cleanser, tonic or a special lotion for sensitive skin, moisturizing and nourishing creams.

The second stage – masking all minor imperfections on the face. The dark circles under the eyes before applying foundation it is necessary to colour with a proofreader for the delicate skin around the eyes. Small pimples, spots and redness are masked with a special form of the applicator.

If you need the correction of color of the face, the colour of the base is further applied under the foundation: for reddish skin – the green base, for purple skin – the greenish base, for grayish skin – the yellow base. This upscale basics, they are imperceptible on the face, but can give any skin perfect shade.

Applying Bright Make Up

Bright Make Up

Bright Make Up, Nostalgia for Freedom

  • Tone cream can be used as needed.
  • Prerequisite quality of bright make up is only the absence of visible defects or oily sheen on the face.
  • The used shadows in bright make up are different, in strict accordance with the color of the dress of the future. However, they should not be darkened.
  • The main focus is on the eyes. With very fine brush carefully you draw the arrow. They should start at the inner corners of the eyes and gradually thickening, to go beyond the outer edge of the upper eyelid.
  • The outer tips of the arrows we draw up defiantly.
  • We paint eyelashes twice, after each time we comb them and share the cilia.
  • The lipstick, you can pick up a shade that is most suitable for you personally. Good will be all shades of red, purple, pink. But you can not use a very dark tone lipstick.
  • Do not forget the cute girl that the main feature of the bold image of bright make up – make-up, in which the beauty and boldness are merged. To combine these two equivalent components in one harmonious image, on each face of stylish woman the brightly charming smile should shine every time.
  • And your eyes should be allocated not only from the fact that they are perfectly made ​​up, but mainly their inner light. This is the main reason that the bright make up is ideal for the young and cheerful girls.