Boils: Causes and Treatment


  • Why do I get boils?
  • How to treat a boil?
  • Prevention above all

One of the most vexing and intractable types of skin inflammation are boils. Many people confuse it with the usual spots, but in fact it is not the same thing, and to treat boils need special tools.

To determine the presence of boils simple: they are acute purulent inflammation of hair follicles and surrounding tissue, and they are characterized by the appearance on the skin of painful red lumps with ulcers and necrosis in the middle. Most often, inflammation lesions appear on the face, neck, back and neck, although they can also apply all over the body. As a rule, single boils disappear after treatment, but if they are not treated, they can recur, and then there will be the appearance of the patient boils (when held in place boils quickly there are new).

Why do I get boils?

Unlike acne that may appear on various (including quite harmless) causes the appearance of boils usually cause particular pyogenic bacteria (especially Staphylococcus aureus). And if it is the cause of the disease is, treatment of inflammation must necessarily be associated with exposure to the bacteria that can not be done without specialized medicines.

Boils: Causes and Treatment

Boils: Causes and Treatment

In addition, boils may appear as a result of violation of the rules of hygiene: small skin injury or permanent pollution can also lead to inflammation, which is especially true for men, which damage the skin when shaving carelessly. In addition, abrasions may cause:

  • increased separation of sweat and sebum,
  • metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes, exhaustion)
  • weak immunity,
  • the common cold caused by hypothermia,
  • frequent rubbing of clothing of certain areas of the body (neck, waist, etc.)
  • mechanical trauma to the face and body of heavy industries (coal particles can injure, dust, metal)
  • anemia,
  • lack of vitamins,
  • thyroid problems,
  • alcoholism.

In autumn and spring boils occur more frequently, and the most characteristic of this disease for adults, and men are affected more often than women.

How to treat a boil?

Boils treatment at home is possible, but all the same without a visit to the doctor and the relevant analyzes to identify the cause of inflammation can not do, because you can use a long random variety of means, but from the disease in the end did not get rid of. A treat boils just necessary, since they can give serious complications, including purulent meningitis or septicemia.

After all the necessary research to the patient appoint antiseptics for a thorough treatment of the skin. If it turns out that boils caused by bacteria entering the skin, or an infection that has spread throughout the body, may also be administered with antibiotics (in the form of tablets or injections).

In addition, there are various folk remedies for boils, which can be applied in combination with basic treatment. Primarily these include beer yeast sold in tablets. Before use it must be of such a tablet crush and dissolve a small amount of water – in this case it will be more convenient to take, as will be better absorption. Finally, in the treatment of boils often use Vishnevsky ointment, tetracycline ointment or sintomitsinovoy, as well as the usual Zelenka.

On the other hand, it is a very dangerous uncontrolled treatment of boils. Often for these purposes it is recommended to use packs of baked onion, honey cakes or cabbage leaves and a patch to stick boils, but in fact it does not bring any relief. The maximum that can be done if you have noticed in his boils and seek emergency medical attention is not possible – is to wipe them with an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid, camphor alcohol or even an ordinary cologne: it will help disinfect the inflamed site.

Prevention above all

If you have at least once in their lives were boils, your task – to do everything that they no longer appear. Prevention involves inflammation especially strict compliance with the rules of hygiene, prevention of skin injury and timely processing of the damaged area, if the injury was still applied.

It should be borne in mind that single boils are usually easily treatable and can be more of you will never be disturbed. But if you run a business before the formation of boils, inflammation may occur in the future, causing serious complications and worsening the prognosis of treatment.