Blue Clay Masks Benefits

Secrets of blue clay: used in cosmetics

Blue clay since ancient times has served us faithfully. It helps to cure various diseases, and the female half of humanity has adapted this unique natural remedy for their cosmetic needs.

Composition of blue clay

Blue clay – aunique, environmentally friendly natural substance. It contains ahuge amount of trace elements and minerals that are essential tothe human body.

Iron, calcium, magnesium, silver, nitrogen, zinc, manganese, copper – this is a little of what is contained inthe blue clay. And, of course, its composition will vary depending onthe origin.

Blue Clay Masks Benefits

Blue clay has unique properties such as:

  • Destroys bacteria and germs
  • Updates the cells and gives our skin youth and beauty
  • Displays the body of all impurities and toxins
  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Stimulates the metabolic processes inthe body
  • Destroys excess fat
  • Is anexcellent anti-stress agent.

Blue clay: applicationclay masks benefits 1

Application of blue clay in cosmetology has enabled women toget rid of many problems.

* Silicon contained in the clay stimulates hairgrowth and strengthens, so outof the blue clay mask willhelp tackle problems such as hair loss and baldness;

* Blue clay is perfect for those who have oilyskin of face and use blue clay for greasy hair. It has adsorbent action – perfectly absorbs excess fat.

* Theuse of blue clay helps get ridof comedones (blackheads or whiteheads) and cleanses theskin of all kinds of other contaminants.

* Masks of blue clay facial skin texture aligned, restore cells and effectively smooth wrinkles. After their application skin looks rejuvenated, and it appears natural glow.

* Masks of blue clay for the feet tohelp getrid of sweating, prevent development of fungal and various infectious diseases.

* Wrap the clay – it is most effective procedure for cellulite. Due tothe fact that the clay is able to excrete toxins and stimulate blood circulation, you will forget about cellulite.

* Clay wraps suitable also for hands. They will help get ridof pimples and cracks on your hands….

Blue clay is oneof the best skincare products for the preparation of masks for any skintype. This product is perfectly absorbs toxins and other harmful substances that accumulate skin. Besides this kind of cosmetic clay face tightens pores, making home remedies it ideal for regular skincare oily type.

Blue Clay Masks

Blue Clay Masks Benefits

  • 1st Recipe

For the preparation of a simple mask from clay so called “quick-made-mask”. You need todilute the product in aglass bowl or wide piala with mineral or purified water to make apaste. Now spread a thin even layer of finished mask overthe entire surface of skin of face and leave for ten – fifteen minutes. Atthe end of procedure wash the residue of mask with notcold water flow.

  • 2nd Recipe

To prepare homemade mask of cosmetic clay forcare of oily skin the means should be made according to this recipe. First we need to pour onecup of boiling water purified one large ( tablespoon) of dried flowers of chamomile, and then cover the container with a mixture and leave in awarm place to cool. You can just wrap the mixture warm towel. Now mix chamomile infusion with blue clay to the state of sour cream. Apply the made-mask to face for twenty – thirty minutes and washoff with warm purified water or with remnants of chamomile. After the procedure, itis recommended to wipe the skin with extract of rose hips.

  • 3rd Recipe

If you wantto refresh, cleanse and dry the oily skin, use this popular recipe. One teaspoon of powder of blue cosmetic clay, two large table spoons of warm infusion of bur-marigold should be diluted in aglass or ceramic container, after the mass is mixed with one spoon of mint infusion. The thus obtained mixture was spread over face in a uniform layer and leave for ten – fifteen minutes. Remnants of the mask is easy to washoff the usual warm running water.

  • 4th Recipe

Need to stir in asmall glass cup of mineral or purified water two – four teaspoons of blue cosmetic clay, !teaspoon of liquid honey, cinnamon and alittle chopped half a teaspoon of coffee grounds. Properly cooked mixture should have acreamy consistency. Now carefully distribute mask evenly all over the surface of face and wait twenty five – thirty minutes, then rinse it under running cold water. This mask isused for cleansing and healing the skin. Repeat no more frequently than once aweek .

  • 5th Recipe

Mix equal quantity of cottage cheese and blue clay. Dilute the mixture alittle water and apply as in the previous recipe. Wash offthe mask with chamomile extract.