Best Ways to Remove Facial Hair: tips from the pros


  • Best Ways to Remove Facial Hair
  • How to Remove Female Facial Hair: Results
  • Home Remedies for Removal of Facial Hair

A woman’s face should be gentle, graceful and charming, but often the hair spoils it, which may appear on the upper lip, chin, cheeks.

Women always want to be elegant and feminine, and then these horrible facial hair: how to get rid of them quickly and painlessly? The question how to remove female facial hair, is relevant to women at any age. Modern cosmetology does not consider the facial hair removal a problem, and offers a variety of ways to solve it in beauty salons and at home.

Best Ways to Remove Facial Hair

best ways to remove facial hair

Many women are in panic to have found the hair on their face: what to do if the job and status need to be always on top and in the center of attention, and with this vegetation you do not want to go anywhere? If you are disappointed and do not have a clue how to remove hair from the face, it’s time to go to the beauty salon for a professional help.


Beautician can explain you why hair grows on the face, and choose the best means suitable for you. The specialist can stop hair growth on the face quickly and painlessly with some of the following methods:

  • laser hair removal – an effective procedure, if facial hair grow and not found any means;
  • photoepilation;
  • popular bleaching facial hair with hydrogen peroxide, it is to do better in the cabin;
  • electrolysis.

The facial hair removal with these methods solves the problem permanently and as soon as possible. However, not everybody has the time or money on beauty salons. In this case, remove facial hair can be possible at home.


With what and how to remove facial hair according to the grandmother’s recipes?

  • bio epilation by resin or wax;
  • plucking;
  • hydrogen peroxide (used if you know how to use it for facial hair removal);
  • herbal extracts.

If you have facial hair, what to do in this case, what methods to use – it’s up to you. Effect of home remedies defined by natural ingredients that can be used to remove facial hair in women at any age.

How to Remove Female Facial Hair: Results

home remedies for removal of facial hair

Now you know how to remove facial hair – what can we expect from all these procedures and means?

  • salon treatments can get rid of this paroblem on woman’s face forever;
  • permanent lightening of hair will damage their structure and their gradual disappearance;
  • remaining means will help to get rid of hair only on time;
  • when plucking, note that hair may gradually turn into stubble.

And now we offer you the recipes of the best means to remove unwanted facial hair.

Home Remedies for Removal of Facial Hair

Many of us wonder: suddenly began to grow facial hair – why it happens? The reasons are hormonal changes, taking place in the female body, which are very difficult to solve. It is more simply to remove the facial hair for some time by the following means.

1. Bio Epilation by Resin or Wax

Resin and wax can be purchased at the pharmacy. Warm them up, put on your hair, cover the top with a special thin paper. After cooling, the sharp movement to remove the pad.

2. Clarification Hydrogen Peroxide

Popular lightening facial hair with hydrogen peroxide to be done very carefully so as not to damage the skin. The antennae are handled in a day with 3% or 6 % solution.

3. Alcohol Solution

Alcohol (35 g), liquid ammonia (5 g), iodine (1.5 g), castor oil (5 grams). Lubricated twice a day.

4. Nutshell

Walnut or pinenut shell minced, mix with water to a mushy state. Rub several times a day.

5. Nettle Seeds

Grind the nettle seeds (40 grams), pour vegetable oil (100 grams), leave for two months in a dark place. Strain.

6. Grape Juice

Lubricate the hairs with juice of unripe grapes daily.

7. Soda Solution

Baking soda (a teaspoon) dissolved in a glass of boiling water. Moistened cotton swab in the solution applied to the problem area, fix and leave overnight.

Whatever means you choose, any of them will allow you to cope with this problem and make the skin of your face the most delicate and beautiful.