Best Way to Treat Corns on Feet: effective means

After a long daily wearing of closed shoes your heels need the individualized care. Make the skin soft and healthy, will help you the collected by us in this article the traditional medicines, that can be made from natural ingredients, from the comfort of your own home.

Best Way to Treat Corns on Feet – Effective means:

Take care of your feet, and do not be so ugly like on Valentino fashion show!

Best Way to Treat Corns on Feet: Effective means

  • First Recipe (foot bath for skin softening)

To prepare the skin softening bath you need these ingredients: one cup of fresh milk (best to use homemade milk), one full glass of soap and three – four large (canteens) tablespoons of sea salt (may be used instead and the usual stone table salt). So, you need to mix in a small basin with hot water all the listed ingredients of this recipe, and then dipped your legs in a mixture, hold them thirty – fifty minutes, pouring hot water periodically. At the end of the procedure should be cleaned off the top layer of rough skin on the heels by using fine-grained pumice and brush with a stiff bristle. Thus, treated heels grease nourishing cream for feet or by freshly squeezed juice of young shoots of aloe or kalanchoe.

  • Second Recipe (to give a soft skin of feet and corns)

To make the heels velvety and softness, you must prepare in advance: warm woolen socks, pure polyethylene film and extra virgin olive oil. First, you need to heat about half a cup of olive oil in a water bath, after rub it into the skin and warm feet, wrapping them in cellophane, and put on warm socks. Best of all, if you carry out this procedure before retiring for the night, so the skin is filled with oil for at least eight hours. In the morning you will be pleasantly surprised by the healing properties of olive oil, because the skin on the heels will be soft, the corns very soon will go (after the third – fifth procedure).

  • Third Recipe

Also to soften the skin, you can use the effective folk mask with zucchini prepared to the following recipe. Necessary to grind in a blender half large of fresh zucchini, then mix it with two teaspoons of almond oil warmed in a water bath (instead of this product, you can use olive oil or sea buckthorn oil), and one teaspoon of onion juice fresh. Now, apply the resulting mixture onto a gauze pad, and apply to the heels. Fix packs with a mask using a polyethylene film and warm feet, wearing a warm (preferably wool) socks. About two – three hours, rinse the residue mass with water, and moisten the skin nourishing cream.

  • Fourth Recipe

In order to prepare the following softening skin home remedy, you should stretch the fresh apricots (pitted) into a puree in a bowl with a fork, and then add to the finished sauce half teaspoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of freshly squeezed onion juice. Preheat the mixture slightly in the microwave or in a water bath, and apply evenly abundant heels. For insulation on top of the mixture, cover with polyethylene, which must be secured with a gauze or elastic bandage. Now put on the warm socks, and go to bed under the blanket for two – three hours (the longer is the better). After the procedure, rinse the means with warm water mixed with a decoction of chamomile.

  • Fifth Recipe (for skin tenderness heels)

The skin on your heels will become much sweeter, if daily at night to lubricate it with a mixture of corn oil and nourishing cream (2:1). After the first procedure is recommended to clean dead skin using pumice and wash with hot water with soap.