Best Way to Remove Makeup


  • Selection of Cosmetics for Removing Makeup
    Cosmetics for Removing Makeup and Its Features
    How to Remove Makeup?

In order to look nice and be beautiful, a woman must not only apply beautiful makeup competently, but be sure to properly remove it when she returned at home. If the rules are neglected, it is possible to purchase a large number of negative consequences. Facial pores are clogged from applying makeup, skin does not breathe, respectively, cell renewal slows down. These factors can lead to the formation of acne, acne on the face, in fact, accelerate the process of skin aging.

Selection of Cosmetics for Removing Makeup

Choosing a means for removing makeup, you should consider the following factors:

  • skin type (normal, oily, dry, mixed);
  • age (for example, for young problem skin developed lines that prevent the appearance of acne and pimples);
  • types of cosmetics (regular or waterproof);
  • components that are part of the cosmetic product;
  • the preferred way to use (or washable indelible means).

Cosmetics for Removing Makeup and Its Features

Best Way to Remove Makeup

Best Way to Remove Makeup

To date, a large number of manufacturers offer a variety of cosmetic for removing makeup. On the shelves there are as:

  • • two-phase fluid;
    • milk;
    • cream;
    • bactericidal cleansing emulsion;
    • cream;
    • tonic;
    • lotion;
    • gel;
    • foam;
    • wipes for removing makeup.

Each listed makeup remover has its own characteristics. Let us consider them in more detail.

The Two-Phase Liquid

The two-phase liquid is a relatively new and, thus, the most effective means to date. It is perfect for removing water-resistant and conventional cosmetics. Gently cleanses sensitive skin, this can be used for all skin types. It is used for removing makeup from the eyes and lips.

Liquid consists of two parts: oil and water. At rest, they are not mixed, the oil layer at the top and the water – at the bottom. Before using a two-phase means, it must be shaken well, that both phases are mixed. After applying the oils components dissolved resistant makeup, soften and nourish the skin, and the composition of the water completes the cleansing, refreshing the face.

Milk or Cream Removing Makeup

Makeup remover milk (cream) – a great way to cleanse your face. It is composed of fats and nutrients. This composition is also perfectly removes waterproof makeup. Milk can be used by women with dry and mature skin in winter – with a combined. Individuals with oily skin according makeup remover is best not to use because of the large amount of fat contained in it, which does not have the intended effect of refreshing.

Bactericidal Cleanser

A great option for owners of greasy skin type. In this means for removing makeup the level of fat is decreased. Accordingly, the feeling of freshness will be present when removing makeup. Moreover, special antibacterial additives are well suited for the prevention of acne.

Cream for Removing Makeup

This cleanser beauticians recommend for dry skin type. It contains a large amount of fats and waxes, thereby becoming a milk fat and thick. Cream, not only do the job well up remover, but also nourishes the skin. After their application, there is no need to wash, you can simply wipe the face tonic. The same approach is needed when using milk and cleansing emulsion.

Tonic (Liquid, Lotion) for Removing Makeup

Tonic is a proven means for removing makeup. Its components include acid solutions, thermal, or floral water, alcohol (tonic for oily skin). These components are designed for the removal of foundation, powder, blush. Unfortunately, sustainable cosmetics and ink toner will not remove. But it refreshes the skin perfectly.

Gel and Mousse for Removing Makeup

In this cosmetics the lotion for removing makeup and cleansing gel are included, which is quite convenient. The use of gel is acceptable to women with normal, oily and combination skin. It cleanses the pores of the face and at the same time it refreshes. However, it should be noted that the gel has some dry properties what is therefore not compatible with dry and sensitive skin. These means for removing makeup should be flushed after application.

Cleaning Wipes for Removing Makeup

It is very comfortable to use the wipes during the trip. They are grooved rectangles of fleece impregnated with a cleansing lotion. Suitable for removing make-up not only from the eyes, but from the whole face. Easy and convenient to use them even at home.

How to Remove Makeup?

Best Way to Remove Makeup

Best Way to Remove Makeup

  • Remove makeup only using the proper means.
  • Clean the face every day.
  • Use for removing makeup only the cotton pads or wipes with 100% of cotton.
  • Carry out the cleaning procedure on the massage lines to ensure youth and beauty.
  • Wash off makeup in a certain sequence cosmetologists.
  • Sequence of removing makeup.
  • Remove the lipstick with the cotton pad in a direction away from the corners to the middle.
  • Remove the mascara with a cotton pad from the roots of lashes to their tip. For this purpose, well-suited cotton swabs.
  • Removing of shadows is produced from the temples to the nose with gentle pumping movements, so as not to injure the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Tonal basis should be flushed on the massage lines:
    – From the center of the chin to the ears;
    – From the center of the lower lip up to the upper center;
    – From the wings of the nose to the temples;
    – Horizontally from the middle of the forehead up to the hair.

The final step is to re-clean the whole face with tonic and remove the residual of makeup. It is important to remember about the neck and décolleté, if they are applied with concealer or powder.

In the case of “wet” method of removing makeup (gels, foams, mousses), means should be squeezed in the palm, foams and is evenly distributed across the face. Once the cosmetics have been washed, the face is needed to be rinsed with clean water.