Best Vitamins for Skin Care

Today Vitamins A and E are often used in cosmetics, as both components have a positive effect on the skin. But these vitamins may be appointed by a doctor dermatologist or cosmetologist with all the indications and contraindications for their reception.

How do Vitamins A and E Affect to the Skin?

Vitamins A and E have antioxidant effects, that is, prevent toxic effects on the cells of the human body of free radicals produced as a result of oxidation-reduction reactions, and therefore aging. Including prevented aging of the skin – that is why vitamins A and E are the best vitamins for skin care and ones of the most common drugs used in cosmetology.

In addition, Vitamin A improves the metabolic processes in the skin, removing dry skin, and its peeling. It inhibits the infectious and inflammatory processes in the skin as it improves local immunity, thus preventing the ingress of pathogens into the body.

Vitamin A promotes the production of sex hormones, which also improves the condition of the skin, giving it a freshness and youth. Vitamin E enhances the action of vitamin A, preventing it from breaking down in the gut and has a positive effect on sexual function, which also helps to stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin cells.

Vitamins A and E are mainly used for older women for the prevention of skin aging, as well as in the complex treatment of wrinkles. They also help and youthful acne.

Vitamin A and E for Skin Anti-Aging

Vitamins A and E are prescribed in the complex treatment of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation in women after 35-40 years. Only the doctor-beautician can assign vitamins A and E for admission into, as they can be in high doses. The homemade use of vitamins A and E can give serious poisoning, so do not risk it.

For anti-aging skin vitamins A and E are necessary. Both vitamin stimulates the secretion of sex hormones, which already contributes to its rejuvenation. Furthermore, vitamin A improves skin cells by improving them metabolism and vitamin E – by improving the microcirculation in many small blood vessels – capillaries and prevent destruction of vitamin A. Under the influence of these vitamins decreases swelling of the face, including under the eyes, as strengthening the walls of blood vessels, which reduces their permeability.

For external use can apply to the skin around the eyes 2 times a day or in the evenings. After 2 hours, can wet cloth, although this is not required.

Course – 2 weeks. Then a break 2 weeks.

But the most important thing – it is suppression of vitamins A and E to a greater extent (it is a major antioxidant) toxic effects of free radicals on skin cells – that this process is a major cause of skin aging. The antioxidant effect of vitamins A and E helps to improve the color of skin, stimulates the regenerative processes in the skin (including after sunburn and other adverse effects of the environment), it improves the supply of blood and moisturizes the skin. Relieves dryness of the skin, restores its elasticity

Vitamins A and E can be used Externally

They are added in various creams and masks as from the store so homemade.

For example, you can boil the potatoes in salted water, mash and add a tablespoon of mashed potatoes ready for two or three capsules of vitamins. Then impose a slightly warm mashed potatoes on the area around the eyes. This action reduces puffiness and swelling around the eyes, makes the skin soft and fresh.