Best Natural Hair Treatment

Best natural hair treatment – a theme that today many women are interested. Even if you are the owner of a healthy and strong hair, you should take care in advance of their capacity so that they can remain for a long time as beautiful. After all, as usual, the health of the hair is easy to lose, and to restore them is quite difficult. Therefore it is better to spend now five minutes a day, than to be sorry.

Today some advice from Russian girl what she uses for her long hair.

What is her best natural hair treatment? – Homemade masks

1st Recipe of Treatments for Hair with Parsley

In order to strengthen your hair should be regularly applied firming mask with fresh parsley. To prepare to grind in blender or mince a big bunch of fresh parsley and mix the resulting mush with a spoon of castor oil.

2nd Recipe of Treatments for Hair with Black Bread

Another effective hair mask – made ​​of black bread. Just dissolve a little dry bread in the broth of oak bark and onion peel. To prepare the broth to boil and peel the bark (a tablespoon of each) with two cups of boiling water.

3rd Recipe  of Treatments for Hair with Egg

This is a recipe for egg mask which is good for oily and normal hair. Thoroughly mix the yeast (one of third of the pack), burdock oil and juice of lemon (for a tea spoon), a glass of good brandy and one fresh egg . Apply the mixture on your hair, cover with the plastic wrap. Keep the mask on the hair for approximately forty min., then wash it off with warm water, shampoo suitable for you.

4th Recipe of treatments for Hair with Almond

You can also make a mask of almond (burdock or castor oil). Add to three spoons of oil about seven drops of freshly prepared lemon juice, a little warm and apply to damp hair.

5th Recipe of Treatments for Hair with Beets and Onions

This mask is suitable for dry brittle hair. Mix the grated on a fine grater beets and onions with burdock oil – this mixture is very useful for dry hair! All components prescription mask are taken in the same amount, but the oil of burdock is preferably to warm in water bath before mixing with the other ingredients.

6th Recipe of Treatments for Hair with Banana

Thoroughly mash a banana, add to it a fresh egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and three teaspoons of sour cream. All mix, apply to the wet hair with a comb. Hold mask at least 30 min., then wash with warm water, shampoo.

7th Recipe of Treatments for Hair with Burdock

The crushed sweet root and burdock fill with warm water, prepare over low heat during 20 min. Let this mixture steep for about five hours and put the readymade mask on hair for 15 – 35 minutes.