Best Intensive Hair Mask with Essentiale

Today one of the best intensive hair mask from a Russian forum from the women who uses it to restore their hair regularly.

Generally this drug is used for cell recovery after liver diseases. Essentiale is a preparation of 300mg of essential phospholipids (EPLs) derived from soya beans.

For this recipe you need to buy the Essentiale in ampoules at the pharmacy. This drug is exist in capsules also:

best intensive hair mask


But to make this mask for the hair it is necessary to use the vials of Essentiale:

best intensive hair mask

Essentiale is not even a cure and a balanced composition of vitamins plus phospholipids, which are well supported by the cell membrane. Phospholipids are the building blocks of the liver cell membrane.

And this is exactly what we need for weakened hair follicles.

Attention! Buy Essentiale only one where there are vitamins and lipids.

This drug is without vitamins also. It does not give a lasting effect.

Procedure with Essentiale has to be made with clean hair.

Wash your hair in a familiar way, wring your hair and apply the mixture immediately.

Hair Mask with Essentiale:

1 egg yolk, 1-2 teaspoons of sour cream, 0.5 ampoules Essentiale.

Apply to the hair roots, making massage, wrap in cellophane and the towl.

Hold 1 hour.

For short hair it is enough to use 1/3 part of Essentiale vial.

The effect is visible on the very next day!

After the mask simply rinse with water and dry it in a natural way (no dryer).

To greasy hair the yolk was inserted inside. It wash the excess of fat. It is not recommended to use castor oil and other for fat hair.

First, they may inhibit the phospholipids, and secondly, vitamins need the light emulsion.

Heavy oils can have a bad effect for water-soluble vitamins.

The proposed method was tested for not one head (with dry, normal and greasy hair types).

Now, as to when and how much of procedure it is better to do:
during 2 – 5 weeks with 1 procedure per week.

You will feel by yourselves when to stop.

Then, if desired, you can reinforce the results of one procedure per month.