Best Homemade Hand Cream with Bee Wax

I want to share with you the easy recipe of best homemade hand cream. This recipe is tested by the russian woman who kindly describes it in small master-class detailed.

She has dry sensitive skin on the hands, especially it is bothered in the cold season, as the skin is very flaky and cracked.

Last summer she found a cream with beeswax on the Internet, and then decided to do it, because she likes the bee products. Wax was found from beekeepers and the oils were bought at the pharmacy.

Some of the Useful Properties of Beeswax

it is a biologically active substance with a complex composition, which comprises essential components, free fatty acids, hydrocarbons, carbohydrates, aromatics, colorants, organic and mineral substances.

It is very rich in provitamin A, which improves the skin. Has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties. The wax coats the skin with a protective film, softening and nourishing it.

For this hand cream you will need: 100 g of any oil (peach, apricot, almond or olive), a few drops of vitamin E, a piece of beeswax (1/3 part of the size of matchbox) and the same part of hard-boiled egg yolk. Do not be surprised, the chicken egg yolk is very rich in trace elements, it has a lot of zinc, which is needed for healthy skin.

You can take any of oils or their combination. For this master-class, I took 30 ml of apricot and peach oils and 40 ml of chamomile extract in olive oil:

best hand cream younger hands

She prepared the basis for the cream in advance: take any empty jar and put a half of the dry chamomile, pour with olive oil so that the oil covers the chamomile at 1 – 1.5 cm:

best hand cream younger hands 3

put this jar in a water bath heated to about 60C, turn off the water and leave the oil to cool. After wrapped the jar in a dark cloth and put in a dark place for 1 – 1.5 weeks (can be shaked periodically), after this time the basis is filtered.

Preparation of Best Homemade Hand Cream with Beewax

wax is sliced, mix the oils in the tea bowl:

best hand cream younger hands 2

and put it in a water bath (you can do it in an enamel saucepan without a water bath), when the water begins to boil in a saucepan, add the bee wax in the oils, stirring until the bee wax has dissolved completely:

best hand cream younger hands 4

and then put the yolk:

best hand cream younger hands 5

 The best hand cream that makes younger your hands is ready, when the yolk begins to foam (on an open fire it is faster). Add a few drops of vitamin E at the end.

Ready cream immediately filtered while still warm, through a metal strainer, pre-placing at the bottom of 2-3 layers of cheesecloth, wring out and poured into a jar, give cool and tightly close the lid, put in the refrigerator.

The cream is very gentle and pleasant to use.

Method of Use of Hand Cream with Beeswax:

in the evening, before going to bed, apply a thick layer of cream on the hand, keep 15 minutes and remove the excess of cream with the help of the tissue.

After the use of this cream the small cracks heal quickly, the skin becomes soft and supple, and the nails strengthen.