Best Henna for Hair Dye Products

Today the recipes of best henna for hair dye products from Russian girl, with different ingredients and different types of henna. As a result – different colors of her hair.

How to Brew Henna Properly

Henna should be applied to clean and freshly washed hair. It is best to wash your hair without balm and conditioner, the color could be fixed better.

Check the expiration date on the package. If henna is old, it has a small fraction of the pigment.

Choose for yourself the best way to brew henna, but remember one thing, henna loves an acidic environment, such it can give you more intense and beautiful color.

Prepare an ordinary plastic wrap, maybe, a shower cap (which you do not use more) and warming cap, because henna likes the heat.

Once you have brewed, you need to let henna for some hours. So, henna can prove itself. You can give it to brew of 2 hours or more in the dark place.

You need a broad brush. The wider is the brush, the better henna will be applied.
It is better to brew henna in a glass container.

With What You Can Brew Henna

  • with hot water, but not boiling. It is the most common way. She brewed henna so several times. But the color had left her indifferent to such a method of coloring and brewing.
  • with black tea and lemon. She brew a strong tea. You can we take 2 tea bags. And the juice of half a lemon. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 egg yolk, like this lemon juice will not dry your hair. And leave for 8 hours in a dark place. Next day she applied henna on dry hair and went to bed. The result is such a color:
lush red henna hair dye

Best Henna for Hair Dye Products

  • with lemon juice. You can take as a basis for example, the juice of 3 lemons. Brew henna, egg yolk and add any oil. Also, if you add a little turmeric powder or decoction of chamomile, you get a golden tint color. The longer this infusion insist, is the better. The next day, she just warmed up a mixture and applied on dry hair:
lush red henna hair dye

Best Henna for Hair Dye Products

  • with red beet juice. This mix has led her to a darker color. She brewed all ingredients over low heat, add the cloves, 4 tablespoons cocoa, a little cinnamon. She put the mask on her hair overnight. The color was deep and very dark:
lush red henna hair dye

Best Henna for Hair Dye Products

  • on a heated slightly sour milk and 4 tablespoons cocoa. Since a kefir – is acidic, then the henna will colour more actively. The girl insisted mask all night and applied on wet hair:
lush red henna hair dye

Best Henna for Hair Dye Products

You can brew henna absolutely on everything, on what you want. Everything depends on what color you are aiming for getting. But she advises everytime to create an acidic environment.

  1. The fastest way to create an acidic environment is a lemon – but remember, lemon dries your hair very much.
  2. The more you insist henna in a warm, dark place, the better it is for henna.
  3. The longer you wear it on your head, the richer its color.

If You Have Dry Hair

You can use lemon in combination with egg yolk and a favorite oil (1 tablespoon). Oil helps to wash off henna. It is easier to wash off.

You can brew a henna on kefir, but it turns darker color.

On What Hair You Can Apply Henna

There are proponents who believes that it is better to apply henna to dry hair. She was the same until she tried to do it on wet hair. With prolonged wearing henna on the wet hair, henna does not dry out and crumble, but it can easily leak from under the hood.

The result is that henna is very heavy on wet hair.

Iranian or Indian Henna?

Iranian henna gives a reddish hue.

On the first 2 photoes she was colored with henna is Iranian.

Indian henna – gives a red tint.