Best Clay for Face Mask with Cleansing Properties


  • Best Clay for Face Mask
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In cosmetology a face mask made of clay is widely used recently, as it has very good cleaning and drying properties.

Clay as a cosmetic means affects the skin in two ways:

it dries: absorbs sweat glands and release the excess sebum;

it cleans: removes already dead cells, helps to get rid of peeling, redness, and various types of stains.

There are several types of clay, each of which has its own unique properties that are useful for different skin types.

Best Clay for Face Mask

Best Clay for Face Mask with Cleansing Properties

Best Clay for Face Mask with Cleansing Properties

Before you check for yourself the magic clay mask benefits, examine the properties of clay of different colors, because each of them in its own way will affect the skin.

1. White Clay

Drying mask of white clay is recommended to owners of oily and problem skin, as this kind of clay cleans the pores, absorbs excess oil, has a whitening and anti-inflammatory effect. It improves the complexion, making it more clear-cut oval, leaves your skin feeling fresh.

2. Blue Clay

Anti-inflammatory mask with blue clay contains a lot of the most useful trace elements and mineral salts. It treats acne, heals the small wounds, cleanses the skin of impurities, tones and revitalizes the complexion. It has inherent and rejuvenating effect: these are the masks smooth facial wrinkles. With the help of blue clay you lighten freckles and other pigmented lesions. Mask, which is an integral part of blue clay, activates subcutaneous blood circulation and normalizes exchanges substances occurring in the skin cells.

3. Green Clay

Cleansing mask of green clay is widely used in cosmetology. It contains trace elements beneficial to the skin, which restore the moisture balance of the skin, so that such a mask is recommended to try to owners of dry skin. No stranger to its anti-aging effect: green clay in the composition of such masks smoothes and tightens the skin, making it supple.

4. Red Clay

Rejuvenating red clay in facial mask. It gives a stunning effect: smooth wrinkles, facial contours become sharper. Ideal for sensitive skin mask, as it calms irritated skin and relieve any inflammation.

5. Pink Clay

If the pink clay is available for you, the facials from it are suitable for normal skin types, which from time to time needs to be nourished and moisturized.

6. Yellow Clay

Masks from the yellow clay is recommended for acne and other skin inflammations. They have a tonic effect and improve the complexion.

7. Black Clay

Detoxication mask of black clay removes from the skin all the harmful substances, deeply cleans the pores, removes the dead cells and various types of pollution. Trace elements contained in the black clay (magnesium, strontium, iron, calcium, silica) are better to the skin than any scrub.

8. Gray Clay

Masks of gray clay, which is extracted from the seabed, moisturize dry skin, enrich and nourish it.

So, carefully study the clay mask benefits, choose the best clay for face mask, that will be most appropriate for your skin type and decide which one will be the basis of your cosmetic mask.

Clay Mask Benefits

When you have any problems on skin and even if you want to provide your skin extra nutrition and cleaning, be sure to try masks made of clay, whose action is truly universal. They will help:

  • for acne: a mask of white, blue, yellow clay;
  • for pigmentation: mask of blue clay;
  • for oily skin: use white and blue clay;
  • for dry skin: to restore moisture balance with green, gray and red clay;
  • for sensitive skin: irritation removes by red clay;
  • with aging skin: white, blue, green, red clay.

Before to feel the clay mask benefits on your skin, read the data carefully on the proper use of cosmetic clay.

Best Clay for Face Mask with Cleansing Properties

Best Clay for Face Mask with Cleansing Properties

Contraindications to Clay Masks

Medical contraindications for the use of face masks of clay are not existed, because they are based on clay – a natural, natural material that does not cause allergic reactions. To have the maximal result, consider some of the nuances in its application:

  • First, pay attention to the other ingredients in the mask: whether you are hypersensitive to these components.
  • Second, note that the mask of clay for the face should be applied only on clean skin, cleansed from all impurities.
  • Third, it is not recommended to apply a similar cosmetic mask on the skin around the eyes – this is the only serious contraindication to the use of clay masks.

Now you fully prepared and know about clay almost everything. Now we need to: buy it at a pharmacy or cosmetics store, get all the necessary ingredients for preparing and apply a miracle mask.

Recipes of Clay Masks

Of the variety of masks, we offer some of the most popular, effective, for different skin types and from different clay.

  • ANTI-inflammation

1. Herbal Mask with White Clay

Brew equally herbs (calendula, celandine, chamomile), cool and strain. Mixed with white clay to a creamy consistency. This clay mask to get rid of acne, relieve inflammation and soothe irritated skin.


2. Tomato Mask with Blue Clay

An excellent whitening effect is famous with blue clay: Mask + for Facial + for Hands = lightens freckles all over the body. Mix blue clay with tomato juice and sour milk (all ingredients in equal amounts) to mushy consistence.


3. Sandthorn Mask of Yellow Clay

A tablespoon of yellow clay mixed with beaten egg yolk and a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil.


4. Mask of Lemon Juice and Black Clay

Better than any scrub cleanses the skin with black clay: face mask is made from lemon juice (a teaspoon), tincture of calendula (a teaspoon) and black clay (an amount that will happen to the mask to a thick consistence).


5. Dairy Pink Clay Mask

Pink clay (a tablespoon) mixed with warm milk until a creamy mass.


6. Oatmeal Mask with Green Clay

Green clay (2 tablespoons) mixed with oat flour (a tablespoon), diluted with water (3 tablespoons).


7. Cucumber Mask of White Clay

White clay (2 tablespoons) mixed with finely grated cucumber gruel (2 tablespoons).

8. Honey Mask of White Clay

White clay (3 teaspoons) mixed with milk (3 tablespoons) and the heated liquid honey (a teaspoon).


9. Mask of Hazelnut and Green Clay

For oily skin it is useful a green clay: facial mask based on it normalizes the sebaceous glands. Green clay (3 tablespoons) mixed with hazelnut butter (3 tablespoons) and mineral water (a teaspoon).

10. Mask of White Clay and Talc

Eliminate shine with following facials: white clay (2 tablespoons) mixed with talc in the same amount and warm milk.

We wish you easy preparation of any of these recipes and the most efficient use of the mask.