Benefits of Vitamins for Face


  • Benefits of Vitamins for Face
  • How to Use Vitamins
  • Face Masks with Vitamins

Vitamins are the biologically active substances which affect the health and beauty of our body. Their deficit entails a lot of diseases and troubles.

If the face has not enough vitamins, it quickly fades and loses its healthy appearance and beauty. To have your skin shone with beauty and health, you need to know what vitamins are necessary and how to use them.

Benefits of Vitamins for Face

Benefits of Vitamins for Face

Benefits of Vitamins for Face

Be sure: all the 13 vitamins, known to modern medicine, actively participate in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of our skin. Knowing which vitamin performs any function in the cells can be identified by the skin problems, what vitamins for skin needed for you.

1) Vitamin A // Retinol
It fights with inflammation on the face, thinning, peeling and dryness of skin. It has a calming effect, normalizes the sebaceous glands and fat on the face. It smoothes the stretch marks on the face. It stimulates the activity of skin cells, thus speeding up the cell regeneration after damage and increased production of collagen, resulting in skin rejuvenation. It solves the problem of age spots on the face.

2) Vitamin B1 // Thiamine
It fights against premature aging, which may overtake the skin at any age.

3) Vitamin B2 // Riboflavin
It provides cellular respiration and accelerates all possible exchanges substances. It gives a healthy glow to the skin.

4) Vitamin B5 // Pantothenic Acid
It perfectly and quickly smoothes out wrinkles.

5) Vitamin B6 // Pyridoxine
It effectively treating skin diseases.

6) Vitamin B9 // Folic Acid
It helps to get rid of acne.

7) Vitamin B12 // Cyanocobalamin
It renews skin cells, thereby rejuvenating the skin.

8) Vitamin C // Ascorbic Acid
It stimulates collagen production in the cells, strengthens blood vessels, quickly heals wounds and microcracks.

9) Vitamin D
It slows down the aging process, helps the skin to maintain tone.

10) Vitamin E // Tocopherol
It smoothes the skin and helps cell renewal. He actively protects the skin from UV rays.

11) Vitamin K
The best way to deal with freckles and other pigmented spots. Combats puffiness and inflammation of the skin.

12) Vitamin PP // Niacin
It has a stimulating effect on the cells. It protects the skin, improves the complexion.

13) Vitamin H // Biotin 
Involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulates cells to regenerate.

Now you know benefits of vitamins for the skin. Try to determine what is missing in your skin, if you have some problems (pigmentation, inflammation, peeling and so on). Only then you can determine how to compensate for the lack of a substance.

How to Use Vitamins

Any skin, not even the problematic, requires the regular supply of vitamins. This it is necessary for the prevention of the occurrence of various misfortunes in the form of premature aging or excessive dryness.
You know vitamins’ benefit, but how do you deliver to the cells, which can not live normally and fully operational without vitamins? There are several ways to use vitamins that allow you quickly and regularly to nourish the skin.

  • Vitamin Complexes

For some reason, many people mistakenly believe that vitamin complexes help only the inner problems of the body. These complex of vitamins deliver the drugs in an enough amount to the skin cells also, which they obtained from their blood. Therefore, taking any vitamin complex, you will soon see that your skin on your face is greatly improved.

  • Certain Vitamins

If you know exactly which vitamin lacks in your skin, you can purchase it in any drugstore. Release form can be very different – capsules, powders, tablets.

  • Meals

Another way to use vitamins for the face – is correct, balanced and varied diet. If in your menu the fast foods and sodas ousted the fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and juices, your skin will probably be against such products.

  • Facials

Any shops and homemade masks enriched by a number of vitamins for the skin.

The ideal solution would be a combination of all these competent ways of using vitamins, that get rid of beriberi. But you have to know how to combine them, how often and in what doses.

Benefits of Vitamins for Face

Benefits of Vitamins for Face

Face Masks with Vitamins

To use benefits of vitamins in maximum, you need to follow a few unofficial but very important rules for their competent use. You do not need to take the initiative and experiment, because an overabundance of vitamins for the skin as well as their deficit is fraught with many problems for the skin.

  • Decide what purpose you want to use vitamins. If the elimination of certain skin problems, you need a course of vitamin, deficiency which affects the skin. If the total supply of cells, better to choose a vitamin complex.
  • Consult a dermatologist before using a separate vitamin: it will help to determine which vitamins are necessary for the skin is in your case.
  • Do not combine separately taken Vitamin with Vitamin Complex: choose one thing.
  • Between vitamin complexes take a break every 2-3 months.
  • Start eating right.
  • Once a week, make vitamins’ facials.

Knowing benefits of vitamins for the skin, you should take care that the cells have never experienced in their deficits. Using them properly, you can achieve the best results: your skin will shine beauty, youth and health.