Benefits of Tea Tree Oil on Hair: against dandruff and greasiness of the roots


  • Benefits of Tea Tree Oil on Hair
  • Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Dandruff
  • From Excessive Greasiness Roots

Tea tree oil for hair is applied primarily to eliminate problems such as dandruff (it particularly well to combat oily seborrhea of the scalp), fungal infections, leading to a partial loss of hair, itchy scalp, excessive “greasiness” hair at the roots.

Now-a-days the tea tree oil is often added to shampoos, especially for oily hair and means to care for problem skin. In many cosmetic manufacturers, who position themselves as «organic», you can find the series of means with this essential oil. Young girls suffering from age-related problems with the skin, know that in order to get rid of inappropriately “got out” a pimple, it is enough to put a drop of tea tree oil before the bedtime and in the morning there will be no “parasite” on the face. What is important, because clumsily deleted pimples often leave deep scars, which remove only by acid peels or laser.

Composition of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains more than one hundred components, we give you only a part of them:

  • terpinen -4-ol – 42.1 %
  • gamma-terpinene – 24.6 %
  • alpha-terpinene – 9.1 %
  • 1,8-cineole – 4.3 %
  • terpinolene – 4.1%
  • paratsimen – 3.9%
  • alpha-pinene – 2.5%
  • alphaterpineol – 2.3%
  • viridifloren – 1%
  • B-terpineol – 0.24 %

And viridifloren, B-terpineol, L-terpineol (not specified above as part of the in “trace” amounts) occur in nature so rare that we can say that it is only existed only in this oil. Well, the bactericidal properties of tea tree oil “merit” of terpinenov that, according to the official medical conclusion, ten times greater than carbolic acid.

Preparation of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is obtained by steam distillation of leaves of the tea tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia), which grows only in Australia – in fact, that’s why Australians use it almost universally as a means for the treatment of wounds, bites and burns.

Fresh oil has a spicy aroma and pleasant woody olive color. The oil can be stored up to five years, but only in a dark glass, so if you get oil in plastic, but still transparent, most likely, it will be not very effective.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil on Hair

is tea tree oil good for dandruff

Tea tree oil for hair can be used with the base oil for body wraps, as one of the components of masks for problem hair, for aromatic combing, enriching shampoos and conditioners, for masks.

  • Enrichment of Hair Cosmetic Products

If you do not want to abandon the use of your means for hair, and you do not always have time to make a mask for hair with tea tree oil, you can always enrich your usual shampoo by adding to it 2-3drops of essential tea tree oil for 100 gram of shampoo.

  • Wraps for Hair with Tea Tree Oil

Hair wraps is the easiest and convenient method of applying oil for the scalp and hair. First of all, you need to choose a base oil for hair. This can be coconut oil or burdock, or jojoba – any oil, which is satisfied you.

After you need to mix oils in the proportion – one tablespoon of basis for two or three drops of oil of tea tree.

The resulting composition is typically applied to the scalp underneath the film for half an hour, and then rinsed with warm water.

Film is needed primarily for creating the effect of “sauna”, improve micro circulation. In order to achieve the stable results apply such wrap once a week, a course for a couple of months.

If you :

  • Very greasy hair, as the base oil is better to use jojoba oil.
  • If dry hair – that castor oil.
  • If your hair is damaged – that coconut oil.

Choose the basis oils not only on the basis of their properties, we recommend to pay attention on their smell, how pleasant it is for you or not, and ease of application. Someone prefers solid oils, someone more liquid. The main thing that the resulting composition for wrapping was pleasant to apply for you. Care should be a joy, not a burden, as it may sound corny.

For wrapping you can combine tea tree oil with:

The oils of grapefruit, lemon, patchouli, bergamot, eucalyptus to eliminate excessive greasiness of the scalp.
The oils of geranium, rosemary and lavender to fight dandruff .
The oils of rosemary, fir, ylang-ylang, cloves, cinnamon, lemon balm and fir for faster hair growth.

  • Aromatic Tea Tree Oil for Combing

Try to drip a few drops of tea tree oil to your comb, and only then to start grooming. Just a couple of weeks of such procedures performed regularly before going to sleep, you will notice not only a significant improvement in the hair, but the fact that you sleep more soundly.

  • Hair Mask with the Oil of Tea Tree

Tea tree oil can be added to any popular hair mask if you think that you need to strengthen your hair, get rid of dandruff or accelerate their growth.

This is the big plus of natural cosmetics that you make yourself. Any recipe can be adapted to suit you.

Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Dandruff?

is tea tree oil good for dandruff

  • Take shampoo in an amount sufficient for one application, mix 10drops of oil. Applied to the scalp, hair and leave for 3-5minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use it to the disappearance of dandruff. Result not for keep you waiting.
  • Very good for dry hair mask with yogurt and tea tree oil. Heat in a water bath half a glass of low-fat yogurt. Add a couple of drops of the oil of tea tree. Apply for all the hair for fifteen minutes or half an hour, and then rinse your regular shampoo.

Masks from Excessive Greasiness Roots

  • If you have decided to strengthen with hair colorless henna, or, conversely, to paint them, and while you have not dry hair (henna itself has a drying effect), add a few drops of tea tree oil, at the same time you get rid of dandruff. Dissolve a packet of henna with boiling water until creamy state. Add a few drops of tea tree oil. Apply on the hair under a cap for about an hour, and then rinse without shampoo and rinse slightly acidic lemon water.

Well, paired with lavender oil tea tree does work wonders to your mood. Tea tree oil is not only a means for hair care, but also a unique natural antidepressant, with which you gradually relax, removing from their shoulders the entire load accumulated during the day problems.