Many Benefits of Honey Uses for Skin Care

Honey is a wonderful product, and today I am going to tell you about many benefits of honey using for skin care. Mankind has been practicing for a long time honey as medicine and cosmetic. But even in this modern age, scientists are still discovering all the new features of this wonderful product. Bee pedigree goes back to ancient times. Bees appeared on our planet more than 56 billion years ago, long before the appearance of the first man.

Needless beekeeping craft appeared not so long time ago, just in the year 700 BC. Many people attributed a divine origin to honey in ancient times. It was considered like a gift of God and a blessing to people. If you dive into the world of ancient myths, it may be surprised to note that it is honey was once nurtured by the Gods such as Hermes and Dionysus, and the honey was considered the food of the Gods of Olympus, along with ambrosia and nectar.

Even in the Bible there is mention of this product, because according to legend, on the promised land the milk and honey flowing were promised to the chosen people. Honey has been praised by many ancient poets, from Scandinavia to Egypt. And its magical healing properties are known to mankind since the great Hippocrates.

Features and Benefits of Honey

Honey may be different, it depends on the grade of honey plants, direct from which the bees collect nectar. Honey has huge differences in taste, density, color, aroma, and its colors range from almost white to dark brown. But no matter what sort of honey is taken into account, each of them has healing properties for the human body. It’s just a storehouse of minerals and various nutrients. The composition of honey is full of mineral salts, vitamins, A, PP, C, E, H, K, and 80% of it consists of carbohydrates.

Honey Peeling

When we hear about the use of honey in cosmetics, the first thing that appears in the minds, it is, of course, honey massage for cellulite. What better way to fight against the “orange peel” than a crash course of honey massage. But other than that, the honey gives good thrill for skin. It nourishes the skin with valuable components, which are so much in honey, and in addition to excellent effect of peeling. Honey peeling has another miracle invigorating, firming, smoothing effect. Following the procedure of honey exfoliation, open the pores of the skin to absorb the great variety of creams and oils that can moisturize the skin wonderfully and rid it of stretch marks, sagging and the appearance of cellulite.

To carry out effectively all the functions – a protective, tactile, cleansing, respiratory, thermoregulatory and others – our skin must be well-groomed, firm, elastic and moist enough to be able to upgrade and build new cells.

 This is peeling. This cosmetic procedure can be successfully carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home, and made home peels can have an even greater effect than a salon. This procedure is quite simple and easy. You can do just peeling face, but if you have enough honey, it is best to do body peeling.

Honey Facial Peels

To begin with, gather your hair into a knot at the back of the head or tail during the procedure. They do not interfere and do not get dirty honey. Pre-heat the honey is not necessary.

Exfoliation is desirable to make with candied honey. That is what has stood for some time, and had time to thicken. Crystallized grains appeared. Honey should be applied to the face by thin layer with your fingertips. Then fingertips should do the so-called vacuum massage. For this purpose, fingertips pressed to the skin and removed sharply. Thanks to the sticky and thick consistency of honey fingertips glued to the surface of the skin, and with the sudden tearing off the finger of the face, the skin does not come unstuck from the fingers at once, it stretches a bit of hands.

Honey peeling is about 7-10 minutes. During the procedure the skin blood flow is improved, thereby the metabolism is greatly accelerating. After honey peeling wash off the face with warm water.

The skin becomes like a silk or velvet to the touch, and there is a charming cheeks blush. If there are no allergic reactions to honey, this procedure is recommended 2 times a week.

Honey can be applied to any particular part of the body. Namely what you have desire to clean, such as thighs, neck, bust, elbows, and you can make peeling with honey whole body. This honey is put on the surface of the body for 15 minutes after this you can rinse with warm water, without the use of detergents, i.e. the gel and soap. It is desirable after the procedure moisturizing or nourishing cream have to be applied.

Recipes Honey Peeling

For honey peeling is necessary to take honey, ground oatmeal, egg yolk and soda in equal proportions (for example, 1 tablespoon). If your skin is too sensitive, it is possible to eliminate soda from the recipe. The resultant homogeneous mass should be applied evenly on the skin surface clean for 10-15 minutes and rinse warm water.

Honey Peeling Elbows Recipe

Take 2 tablespoons of honey, preferably light honey, 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, whipped egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of the infusion of orange blossom. All the ingredients are mixed and applied evenly on the elbows. The procedure should last for at least half an hour, during peeling you should not straighten or bend your elbows. At the end of the procedure, you can rub elbows area a special brush, then rinse with a lot of warm water. This cosmetic procedure should be done 3 times a week and the problem of dry skin elbows disappear.

The infusion of orange blossoms is simple done: 3-4 tablespoons of orange blossom, pour a glass of boiling water. After the infusion could stand to cool, it can be used as a component of honey peeling.

Deep Honey Peeling

If you want to make a deep peeling of the skin, make a hot honey peeling. Ingredients of this recipe: 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of wheat bran, 1 lemon. Honey must be melted in a water bath, but do not bring to a boil. In the molten mass lemon and bran are added, all mixed carefully. Warm the mixture is applied to the skin of the face, except the eye area. Honey should be 30 minutes on your skin, then it should be washed off with warm water without soap.

Such peeling cleanses the skin perfectly and makes it considerably lighter. Small wrinkles are smoothed out. The skin is considerably fresher, more supple and soft. Its tonus is increased. Due to the content of enzymes, honey facials revitalizes  effectively the skin from within and promote rapid healing of various scrapes, burns, cuts and wounds. The skin is softened, cleaned and saturate all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

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