Benefit of Petroleum Jelly to Skin

Now one more recipe from russain women of very simple homemade cream for skin of face, neck, hands, or heels.

Take a little bit of petroleum jelly, add a few drops of pine oil, mix everything well and apply on the face, neck, or any weakness.

I drip 4-6 drops of pine oil on 10 g of vaseline, apply to my skin for about an hour before bath. When everyone is well fed, I take a shower.

It is better to apply the product onto a damp skin.

Benefit of Petroleum Jelly to Skin

Apply petroleum jelly on the rough skin on elbows and heels before going to bed, in the morning you will be pleasantly surprised by the effect.

Vaseline is also useful for burns, cracked, dry skin. At the same time pay attention to the fact that it is used in small quantities, with a thin layer to cover the desired locations in all cases.

It turns out that petroleum jelly can be mixed with eye shadow that you can change their color and make them attractive luster, uniformity and ease of application.

It is useful to rub petroleum jelly into the cuticle and the nail plate to give the nails a well-groomed appearance and neatness, so our grandmothers did, because before it was not expensive means to care for cuticles.

Besides for nails, our grannies also used vaseline as a makeup remover, even the most resistant. Just keep in mind that hit it in the eye is not very desirable, and it would be best to remove it from the eyelid skin, because it provokes some swelling in the morning.

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