Beauty of Makeup: best tips and secrets


  • Natural Eyebrows
  • Luxury Black Eyelashes
  • Pink Lips
  • Winged Eyeliner
  • Blush on the Cheeks
  • Purple Eyeshadow
  • Red Lips Make Up
  • Smoky Eyes

These classic techniques of makeup withstood the test of time, before and now the celebrities continue to use them. These tips will look great on you too. Use them to create both everyday and festive image, and excellent results are guaranteed.

Natural Eyebrows

This does not mean that it is unnecessary to pluck eyebrows, but just do not make them too thin, as thin eyebrows will add a comical and unnatural view to your face. After all, eyebrows frame your face, and add the expressiveness to your eyes.

  • Use the tough pencil to make shape of your eyebrows. Remember, that the hairs should be drawn with little touches, and not go beyond the line of the natural growth of eyebrows.

Black eyebrow pencil should be choosen for brunettes, for the blondes are suited better the gray eyeliner, brown-haired and redheads – use the brown eyebrow pencil. This combination of hair color and eyebrows looks the most advantageous and natural.

Luxury Black Eyelashes

beauty of makeup

Huge eyelashes attach to your look flirty and temptation, it is very feminine. Eyes become more open, with more expressive look. But the main task of women is to learn how to use mascara.

  • More attention should be paid to the outer corners of the eyes – usage the mascara should be with several layers, then use cotton swabs to remove lumps (if they exist), and comb the eyelashes once again.

If you makeup the lower lashes, you visually increase more your eyes.

Pink Lips

Pink lip gloss or lipstick create an image of girlish innocence and modesty. Color is so versatile that fits all, without exception, and blends well with any eye-makeup and clothing of any style.

Winged Eyeliner

The clear black line on the upper eyelid gives to the image some drama, while not being overtly sexual technique. Start to paint the line from the inner side of the eye, extending to the outer corner of the eye. Try to hold the line as close to the lashes, that was not visible light gaps.

  • The eyes with upper black line look much more bigger. The color of arrows can be quite varied, but of course, the black eyeliner is suitable for any make-up and situation.

Blush on the Cheeks

Blush is a sign of vitality and youth. Do not worry about the contours as you simply create a natural blush. Apply a small amount of blush fresh pink or peach shade for cheekbones, and your look will have a healthy appearance.

Purple Eyeshadow

Purple color is perfect: it is suitable to any skin tone and eye color, and does not look too provocatively. It is the best to use several shades of purple, do not forget about black mascara.

  • For daytime make-up the discreet and frosted shades of lilac are perfect, and for evening – the shades of purple with a satin or pearl luster.

Red Lips Make Up

red lipstick makeup look

The red lips are complex – they express the sureness and are a sign of a strong woman. Crimson lipstick – is like an accessory: even a simple white shirt, coupled with it becomes more complex and colorful. To avoid the image of retro, blot red lips with a napkin – they will look more natural.

  • Just remember that red lipstick assumes the perfect lips, without cracks and peeling, otherwise, scarlet only emphasize the deficiencies. The red lips make-up is appropriate and in the evening and in the daytime, but for daytime makeup the shade of red must be more muted and soft.

Smoky Eyes

They evoke mystery and poignancy of sight. Eyelashes must be dyed in black with several layers. The deep shadows need to shade the upper and lower eyelids with proper motion – back and forth.

  • For the expected effect is better to use matte shadows. In the classic version the shadow colors – dark-gray and charcoal-black, but this color scheme is most appropriate for the evening. For daytime it is better to do the smoky-ice view in blue, pink or pale purple palette.