Basics of Losing Weight

How to get rid of belly and sides? Very EASY! Follow THESE basics of losing weight and your photos will change for sure.

I think you imagined yourself many times with a shiny, perfect, seductive figure as the representatives of the covers of glossy magazines. They are composed fine, almost flawless.

What stands on the way to this gorgeous image? Pounds of Fat and Miles of Laziness!

Where can appear magical and seductive shape, if your physical activity is restricted by travelling in the car to and from work, and even at home – small dash to the fridge and back during the advertising break when watching your favorite TV programs daily!

This situation is not only you, but in 70% of the population. For good reason, scientists have long trumpeted the alarm, because today almost every fifth person in the world has exceeded its normal weight. All thanks to poor eating habits and inactivity.

Breaking this habitual way of life is difficult! But when, through the belt on your pants outweighs pretty surround belly, and your figure already takes a lot of similarities with the cartoon pig, then it’s time finally to come to your senses and begin to attach yourselves to a healthy, right way of living.

You can start with a fundamental review of your daily diet. If you are ready to spend time on yourself loved one, then make at least the food diary for a week and a half, which captures every your meal and just indicate the size of the eaten portions.

Then consult to a nutritionist, make a list of useful products and compare with the list what you eat during a week. If it is matched put one score for yourself. Not much work?
But as stated in the famous slogan: “We are, what we eat.” So, we are so far from a good idea, am I right?

It is sad and hurt, but the truth is usually bitter as radish, and has magical and healing properties. Looking to face of the truth, it’s hard to pretend as if nothing had happened and continue your job :).

If you decide to go the right way, I am ready to shake your brave hand! To abandon the usual delicious things takes a lot of courage! And in fact they contribute to the emergence of a tummy and “ears” on the sides.

Follow my advice, consult a registered dietitian, and do not throw headlong into the sea teeming diets. Some of them like dolphins can help you, but the others like sharks swallow your body, worsening health.

The matters relating to health are better to left to professionals. A dietician examine you first, get acquainted with the history of disease, will make the necessary measurements of body size, calculate the ratio of muscle mass and body fat. Then, after analyzing all the data, he will give a balanced weight loss program, taking into account the estimated energy costs and necessary for the normal functioning of your body just calories.

All nutritionists declare almost unanimously the need to abandon such favorite foods like chocolate and other sweets, including jam, sugar, honey, peanuts, roasted and smoked products, canned food,…

Forget that mayonnaise and ketchup are existed in the world, deduct of sweet yoghurt, sweet full-fat milk, not to mention their products in the form of sweet cottage cheese mass, puddings, etc.

Should be left alone and products made from wheat flour, turning to the consumption of whole grains, well, if they would be with the addition of bran, which perfectly cleanse the body of toxins and facilitate the smooth running of the intestine.

Have to forget about the usual packs of juice (they include a lot of sugar), and the more of alcohol used (it stimulates appetite) and tobacco (the discovery of Columbus not only poisons the body, but also slows down the metabolism, that is, it contributes to the early aging).

Conversely, eat fruits and vegetables (especially citrus – grapefruit, lemon, orange and apple), (but do not get carried away with grapes and bananas), foods rich in fiber and fiber (cabbage, carrots, squash, beets, etc.).

Variations of milk, switch to the ones where the fat content of 1.5 – 2%. Leave a diet of small amounts of nuts (no more than 2 tablespoons a day), especially walnuts, which stimulate the brain.

Try to eat many seafood.

Do not forget about the amount of fat, in spite of their contribution to the treasury of your calories, but also give a preference of olive and peanut oils (the good in supermarkets you can find everything your heart desires).

Of deli meats are allowed poultry cooked or steamed form. Eat more oatmeal, they are excellent and, most importantly, long relieve hunger, just cook them in the water. In preparation follow the principle of “better not dosolit”, you can opt out of salt, replacing it with soy sauce. You can vary the food seasonings: pepper, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon or other of your choice, just do not overdo it, because hot and spicy food increases your appetite.

Nutritionists recommend eating follow these rules:

  1. Eat slowly, in any case, not in front of the TV (so you do not control the amount eaten).
  2. Share portion into three parts and take only 2/3 of them.
  3. Do not refuse breakfast.
  4. Eat small portions, but still quite frequently about 6 times daily.
  5. Allow yourself the dinner no later than 6:00 PM.

Adhering to these simple tips, even without diet can lose those extra pounds in a healthy way. But if you are aiming for a diet very seriously, I can offer you several options.

With easy portability of a single product, you can try a “hit”-diet that received its name because of the popularity. It brings good results quickly and already tested many people.

Thus, you can get rid of belly quickly with kefir diet: simply to eat kefir for five days. At breakfast – 1.5 cups, with a small slice of rye bread with bran, as dinner – 2-3 cups of non-sweet yogurt for dinner – 1.5 cups of yogurt and 2 rye crackers. During breaks drink plenty of water. For variety, you can dilute the yogurt with the juice in half, thus making the cocktail. However, to sustain this way five days is very difficult.

So pay your attention to another diet based on buckwheat. After all, it’s just a unique product enriched with many vitamins B and P, as well as potassium, magnesium, magnesium, etc.

The power supply circuit is very simple: all day, you can eat only buckwheat, but rather it is brewed, not boiled. So, take a cup of cereal and brew it 2 cups of boiling water, put a wrap yourself in warmth for 10 hours, then you are ready to eat. But remember, no salt and spices, you can flavor with a little soy sauce or lemon juice.
Allowed to drink only water without gas, you can dilute it with apple juice and low-fat yogurt.

The “apple” diet helps “blow away” the belly and flanks very well. In accordance with it you can eat apples during the day with no restriction. Occasionally allowed to indulge yourselves crackers, but not more than 4-5 pieces per day. As a drink – plain water.

Although some recipes are running and the help to lose weight, but not for long, because soon you will return to a normal diet and lifestyle.
Then the lost pounds come back “hundredfold” …

To avoid this, do not rely only on the “magic” diet, subtract the Internet, consult to specialists and make sport actively!