Banana Hair Mask: benefits and wonderful effect


  • Banana Hair Mask: Benefits.
  • Homemade Treatments for Hair with Bananas.
  • Top Hair Masks with Bananas.

Learn how to make a banana hair mask – and the result will amaze you and the people around you. Dry, dehydrated strands will gain a new breath finally, can flourish and surround you with a cascade of beautiful and shiny curls.

Banana Hair Mask: Benefits

Chemical composition of banana is not rich, but all its ingredients are working smoothly, with complex acting on cells of the scalp, from which the beauty and well-groomed appearance your hair depends very much. The second component of the successful application of the banana hair mask – a high concentration of these same substances. This enhances the effect of each of them several times.

Despite the fact, that all the work going on inside the cells, and is not visible to the naked eye, but the results of this complex influence everybody will notice:

  • restoration of damaged, brittle, split ends occurs due to regenerative properties of tocopherol;
  • weakened, thinning locks will receive the necessary support in the form of protective barrier, that ascorbic acid forms around of each hair, like a transparent, but a very strong film;
  • vitamins B (pyridoxine, pantothenic and folic acid) enhance immunity and resistance, not allowing tissues to break down under the influence of negative factors such as changes in temperature , sea salt , ultraviolet light , etc.;
  • niacin helps to stop the intense hair loss;
  • a large amount of potassium in this fruit provides the moisturizing effect of banana hair mask, through which they are used by everybody who has dry hair: it is this trace element is able to control the humidity level in the cells, keeping it within the hair and not letting it evaporate.

Another valuable feature of the banana – its fibrous structure, which acts gently on the scalp without irritating it. So moisturizing, nourishing, pleasant banana hair mask take care for your tresses very carefully. The difficulty is that there are always pieces of fruit, that are difficult to wash out of the strands. The disappointment does not happen with you, learn to prepare correctly such homemade treatments for hair.

Homemade Treatments for Hair with Bananas

homemade treatments for hai

Almost all the negative reviews about banana hair mask contain the complaints, that fruit slices are not washed and combed. This happens because of the inability of an elementary handle them. Following the folk wisdom and advice from the experts make it easy to avoid all these unpleasant moments.

  • Do not take very ripe bananas with black for cosmetic procedures.
  • Banana will need to clean, cut into pieces and turn into a puree: you can mash with a fork, you can grind in a blender.
  • No pieces of fruit you should not be in banana hair mask: they get stuck in the hair. The mixture must be liquid and homogeneous consistence, and this requires all components were stirring in blender on the final preparation.
  • Any mask must be put on the wrist firstly, to determine not whether you have an allergy to it. If, within a couple of hours any redness, itching and burning do not appear, homemade treatments for hair with banana is completely safe for your hair.
  • The head should be clean at the time of application, curls – slightly damp.
  • The mixture is rubbed slow, circular movements of the fingers into the roots, then the curls are wetted and combed with toothed comb. Thereafter, it is already possible to dip the tips of the hair.
  • Now you need to create a thermal vacuum for the full action of the mask. To do this, put a plastic shower cap, and the top wrap head with a warm towel.
  • Typically, half a hour is enough for effective impact on the scalp.
  • Then comes a very important point, which will facilitate the flushing of banana hair mask even from the most thick and coarse hair. The balm should be put on the mask and rinse with a strong stream of running water. After wash your hair with shampoo and leave the hair to dry naturally. If you did everything correctly, no pieces in the strands will not stay.
  • The course of homemade treatments for hair consists of 10 treatments with intervals 2 times a week (can 1).
  • Then within a month, you can use a different mask, then again allowed to return to the miraculous banana.

The most important indication for the banana hair mask – dry, damaged, very thin and cross sections of hair that need hydration and recovery. All this the homemade treatments for hair with bananas can provide them, if you prepare in accordance with the rules and recommendations. The effectiveness of such masks will still depend on, which recipe you make your choice.

Top Hair Masks with Bananas

banana hair mask

If you want you can use a banana in pure form without any additional ingredients, but to strengthen the effectiveness of the mask you can use it with the other components, each of which will contribute to the strengthening of roots and hair.

  • Nutritional

Make puree of one banana, whip with one raw egg in a blender.

  • Moisturizing

Make puree of one banana, whip with a fresh pulp of one avocado, raw egg, 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil.

  • Firming

Mashed of one banana whip with two raw egg yolks, 5 drops of essential oil of basil.

  • Healing

Mashed of one banana whip with 3 tablespoons of the classic mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of natural olive oil.

Any of these home masks with proper and regular use will become an indispensable assistant to care for very dry, thinning and brittle hair.