Ancient Skin Care Secrets: Beauty of Cleopatra

Cleopatra is one of the most attractive and seductive women in history who knew how to take care of the beauty of her face and body. Women never cease to marvel at the beauty of Cleopatra so far, because she managed to win the hearts of the most inaccessible and formidable men of that time.

Discussions about the beauty of Cleopatra do not cease at present moment. It is difficult to say – whether she was a real beauty and the legends are exaggerated. But the ancient sources has evidence of the beauty of her skin.

This Great Woman left a truly valuable skin secrets for the future generations.

Cleopatra Skin Secrets

Cleopatra Bath

cleopatra skin secrets

The main recipe of Cleopatra’s beauty, of course, the famous milk bath. To make a Cleopatra milk bath, dissolve a small cup of honey in one liter of warm milk, but not too hot or boiled milk.

Boiled milk loses its medicinal properties, and the honey becomes unusable in very hot milk, the same like in water.

Pour the mixture into the bath. Bath temperature should be at body temperature, ie 36-37 degrees, 20 minutes, take a bath.

Modern followers of Cleopatra’s beauty is sometimes offered to replace fresh milk in the dry, at the rate of 1-2 kg to the bath.

But that’s not all. Talking about the beauty of Cleopatra, I note that the effect is amplified by Cleopatra bath scrub: 300 grams of grated sea salt mixed with half a cup of heavy cream and rubbed the body of the queen.

Before the bath rubbed or after – opinions differ, but I think it is better to use this scrub before bath. It will clear the skin, and milk with honey will bring a greater effect for the beauty of the skin.

Mask of Cleopatra

Cleopatra is attributed several masks, e.g., from the same honey and milk. Mix the warm milk and honey in equal doses, put mask on your face for half an hour and then rinse with warm water. The mask is good because it is suitable for almost any skin type.

In addition to this recipe of Cleopatra’s beauty, they often speak of a clay mask that cleans and whitens the skin. Its composition – clay, honey, sour cream and lemon juice in equal parts. Apply it for 20 minutes, wash first with warm and then cold water.

Aromas of Cleopatra

What do you think, why Cleopatra had chosen the beauty recipes based on milk and honey?

Smell was another component of her feminine appeal. In the deep esoteric beliefs the smell of honey was embodied with the smell of nature. This “sweet” by nature. And milk has smells like a child, youth, youth.

Therefore, milk and honey, if you look at the philosophy of faith, means a combination of natural sweetness and youth, literally “delicious young woman.” Not by chance, and Caesar and Mark Anthony could not resist the charms of such a deep subconscious natural beauty of Cleopatra.

In addition to these odors, Cleopatra loved frankincense and myrrh – the mysterious and attractive. Simultaneously they soothed her strong, but often intemperate men. Perhaps that is next to Cleopatra’s beauty the powerful men felt good and relaxed in comfort and bliss.

Isn’t it worth to learn?