Amazing Hair Growth with Oil of Mustard

Oil of Mustard – is powerful natural stimulant of amazing hair growth. It is able to enhance blood flow to hair follicles, which is the way those who wants to grow hair quickly. Below are some recipes of funds for health of hair.

Oil of Mustard for amazing hair growth – unique recipes

First Recipe – Mask with Oil of Mustard for hair loss and premature graying:

For these purposes, beauticians recommend mustard oil to rub into roots of hair for twenty min. before washing. In addition, you can add mustard oil and the usual means of hair care products (such as shampoo, conditioner or mask).

Second Recipe – Mask for hair restoration with mustard oil:

Add a hundred grams of Oil of Mustard plus fifty grams of dry nettle rhizomes. After that, the mixture must be heated in water bath for about seven minutes (do not overheat !), Pour into glass jar, the lid to insist in dark place for seven days. The mass is then drained, filtered two – three layers of cheesecloth, rubbed into roots of hair three times a week.

Amazing Hair Growth with Mustard Oil

Third Recipe – The mask of Oil of Mustard plus red pepper to enhance hair growth:

In addition, having a good self-control, you can use this recipe. For its preparation you need to thoroughly mix in a bowl four tablespoons of liquid fresh honey, one table-spoon of ground red pepper plus two tables-poons of Oil of Mustard.

Mask is applied to washed head, insulated with plastic bag plus a towel and left for 35 – 45 minutes. Remnants of the mask several times to rinse under running warm water. Be careful! Not to overdo the mask and avoid getting it in your eyes! Do mask twice per week, and on third – fourth time, you will see first results. According to eyewitnesses, two months the hair may grow back at six – eight centimeters.

Forth Recipe – Mask for amazing hair growth with mustard oil:

To prepare this mask you need to mix in glass container 2 table-spoons of your favorite hair balm, one table-spoon of Oil of Mustard plus one – two (optional) spoon of red pepper tincture, which you can buy at pharmacy or at the market.

Now we need to put a mask with cotton swab or a cosmetic brush directly to hair roots. After that you should insulate your head, wearing her plastic bag or a hat and wrap a towel. Rinse after 35 minutes with warm water.

Amazing Hair Growth with Oil of Mustard