A Fast Way to Lose Weight in a Week for 3 kg

In this article, we have compiled the most efficient and safe diet, that will help you guaranteed to get rid of three pounds overweight for one week! These diets regularly use movie actress and model, who is not much time at the disposal!

A Fast Way to Lose Weight in a Week for 3 kg – Effective Diets:

First diet

This is a low-calorie diet! Throughout the week, every day its menu remains unchanged.

Menu for the day:

Breakfast: one cup of warm green tea (if you prefer coffee, it should be eaten with fresh milk).

Brunch: fifty grams of cheese durum, one small loaf of rice or a piece of black bread (preferably wholemeal) and one glass of cool purified water mixed with half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

Lunch: one hard-boiled egg, ounce serving of lean meat to be cooked on the grill or steamed vegetables (no more than thirty grams) and herbs.

Second Lunch: half a grapefruit or a small salad of fresh grated two cucumbers, seasoned with a mixture of lemon juice (half a teaspoon) and one teaspoon of quality olive or almond oil. After about twenty – thirty minutes after a meal is recommended to drink one glass of fresh yogurt, which can be mixed with a pinch of cinnamon powder.

Dinner: thirty grams of cheese, one hundred fifty grams of cooked meat (chicken or beef), a salad of beets and tomatoes, seasoned with a teaspoon of lemon juice.
Bedtime is recommended to drink small sips full cup of yogurt with chopped herbs.

Second diet

To comply with the following diet you need to learn, how to cook a dish for this recipe from the models and movie stars Cindy Crawford. To cook vegetable soup, you need these ingredients: one small head of cabbage, two medium bell peppers, five branches of celery greens, one-third cup of round or wild (brown) rice, five – seven feathers of fresh green onions, three ripe tomatoes, six pieces of carrots and six medium onions.

  • Preparation: Rinse vegetables thoroughly under running water, then remove them from the peel and cut into cubes average. Now pour the cold water to all the prepared ingredients, place over medium heat and cook until cooked rice soup.

a fast way to lose weight in a week

Monday: one hundred fifty grams of natural low-fat yogurt, a plate of warm vegetable soup, fresh vegetables and a glass of green tea.

Tuesday: one hundred grams of yogurt (without any additives), three servings of vegetable soup and any fresh fruit (any amount).

Wednesday: two grams of yogurt a day. Also you need to eat at least three servings of warm vegetable soup and salad from any fresh vegetables, olive oil.

Thursday for the entire fourth day diet should eat half a kilo of boiled chicken, as well as two – three servings of warm soup.

Friday: boiled beef (about six grams), as well as soup and two glasses of buttermilk (in the morning and at bedtime).

Saturday: three servings of vegetable soup and a little (one gram) of fresh hard cheese.

Sunday was the last day to drink water and eat vegetable soup.