3 Effective Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth

Today we would like to share with you three 3 Effective Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth to increase the their density. These recipes were posted on the Russian forums by girls who used the masks to an average of 3 months. They got impressive results that you can will see on the submitted photos.

Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth with Сinnamon

Effective Hair Mask Homemade

3 Effective Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth

This mask accelerates the growth of hair. For the preparation of this mask should be taken:

  • 1/3 cup liquid honey; 
  • 5 tablespoons of olive (peach, burdock and any other cosmetic oils); 
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon; 
  • 1 teaspoon of hot pepper tincture; 
  • 1 tablespoon cloves.

Mix liquid honey with any vegetable oil, add ground cinnamon, hot pepper tincture and powder pinks. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, heating in a water bath until a homogeneous mass. Gently apply with a brush or cotton swab received warm mass only on the hair roots.

Your head must be wrapped up the film and insulate. Withstand the applied mask to 1hour, and then rinse your hair under warm running water, while using only mild or baby shampoo.

Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth with Mustard Powder

hair mask homemade for hair growth 1

3 Effective Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth

Mask helps for oily hair, but also a faster hair growth.

Hair grow like crazy! Recommend to all those who have similar problems. For this mask will need:

  • 2tablespoons dry mustard powder; 
  • 1egg yolk; 
  • 2tablespoons olive (peach, burdock and any other cosmetic oils); 
  • 2teaspoons of sugar.

Mix the mustard powder (sold in department spices in any supermarket) in 2tablespoons of not very hot water. Add the egg yolk, the preferred cosmetic oil, sugar.

It should be remembered that the more sugar you add, the stronger the effect of mustard.

Apply the mask only on the head skin, not to touch the hair ends (If you have the hair very short. And even more so if the hair ends are dry). For dry hair ends can be used any cosmetic oil, heated up for the best effect. Wrap head with a plastic bag or foil and put on top of a warm hat, scarf or wrap head with a towel.

Hold the mask from 15minutes to 1hour, depending on what is the action of mustard. If you can endure longer, it is better to walk about 1 hour, dreaming of long luscious hair. And if much mustard bake, keep only 15-20minutes.

WARNING! 15minutes is necessary to sit for the first time be sure, even if it seems that there was a nuclear war head. 15minutes no harm scalp and hair will not (tested by many women), and if your head gets used to the mask, you then half an hour or an hour will be able to hold the mask.

Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth with Pepper Tincture

hair mask homemade for hair growth 3

3 Effective Hair Mask Homemade for Hair Growth

Third effective mask had saved many shag really! The mask increase a strong blood flow to the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. Hair grow just after this mask like crazy.

There are many variations of this mask. The simplest to use it frequently, take:

• 1tablespoon cayenne pepper tincture pharmacy (“pepper vodka”)
• 1tablespoon of warmed castor (or burdock, almond) oil
• 1tablespoon of any hair balm.

WARNING!  The main thing that pepper vodka not get into your eyes.

Try the first time the proportion of 1:1 – tincture of pepper and water. Next adjust as you can bear.

Apply mask with a cotton swab or brush very gently only on the skin of head, without rubbing! Wear a plastic cap and warm towel or cap. Keep the mask from 15minutes to 1hour. The longer, the better.

Wash off the shampoo, apply conditioner.

Mask can be done 2-3times a week to grow hair faster.
To prevent hair loss do this mask once a week 1.

If the mask does not burn, the more likely you strongly diluted a tincture with water.
Over time, can find your good proportion.

Mask is recommended for women and men to overgrow receding hairline stop hair loss.

Effect from this mask is really strong. It is important to achieve the result to make a mask constantly, for 2 to 3months.