13 Quick Makeup Tips and Tricks

There is no woman who would not consider makeup like a magic wand, when one-touch transforms a plain girl in radiant beauty. In addition, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of powder, blush, mascara and lipstick that create a certain image. A few strokes of the brush, and you become a vamp, a Barbie doll or a touching Cinderella. But unfortunately, not all of the fairer sex are able to use decorative cosmetics and apply makeup properly .

Let me open a few secrets and you will always look attractive and fresh.

13 Quick Makeup Tips and Tricks

Makeup Tip 1

If you look tired, and the skin appears dull, it needs a little cheer. Mix 2/3 of lemon juice, and 1/3 of water. The resulting tonic wipe your face. After some time the skin is smoothed and becomes radiant as the use of expensive serum with lifting effect.

Eyes can be made brighter if you put in the corners of the tiny, barely visible, red dot. You can use a brush and lipstick.

Makeup Tip 2

One of the main rules applying makeup is even distribution over the skin foundation. It must be applied to the entire face, including the eyelids and upper neck. The main thing is that it does not break off suddenly, so thoroughly it is shaded.

Makeup Tip 3

How to make so that the makeup looks fresh for a long time? Apply concealer directly on cleansed face without make-up base. Then powdered and nakraste blush. The finishing touch: a consolidation of applying makeup with a few cubes of ice. Drag them across the face with vigorous circular motion . Do not be afraid, you do not be smeared if each ice cube you will use no more than 10-15 seconds, i.e. as long as it does not start to melt.

Makeup Tip 4

Dark circles under the eyes can be disguised by a conventional foundation. Apply it with fingertips, shading from the bottom up. Then all that is necessary to fix the crumbly powder. This will help hide all the flaws. To foundation was not very noticeable, it is best to mix it with regular moisturizer in a ratio of 3:2.

Makeup Tip 5

Even those women whose cheekbones are not very expressive, can highlight them with rouge and powder tan. Tip: Before applying blush, swipe brush in the palm of your hand. This will help remove the excess of blush, and ensures no unsightly spots on the cheeks. Tan powder should be applied to the cheek hollows. Just do not overdo it.

Makeup Tip 6

Do you want to shorten the nose? Coat the back of the nose a little shadow or powder ivory, and so that the line ends in about a centimeter to the fingertip.

Makeup Tip 7

Make the face brighter and more attractive it is possible, using the principle of vector section. You need to highlight three points that will form a diamond that visually make a woman much younger. First point: the space under the eyebrows. Apply a little rouge from the begining of your brow to end. Second point: the cheekbones and the space under the cheekbones. Here, too, you need to apply a small amount of blush. The third point is located on the upper lip, which is necessary to make up so that it is parallel to the eyebrows. Thus, a face becomes lifted visually.

Makeup Tip 8

To make the lashes more volume does not need to purchase expensive mascara. Use the crumbly powder, which you sprinkle to lashes. Thereafter, ordinary mascara can be applied. You will see that the lashes will become extremely fluffy.

Makeup Tip 9

If you work in an office, your makeup should be appropriate. Due to the fact that under the light of the “cold” light face looks very pale, experts recommend using a concealer and powder warmer hues. In addition to your make-up was not boring, use matte or glossy lipsticks bright colors.

Makeup Tip 10

Immediately after work you have to go for a visit and want to brush up on a little makeup, and also make it less formal? Use a paper towel moistened with water. With its help remove dust from the face. Then powder lightly your face. Apply lip gloss instead of lipstick.

Makeup Tip 11

Make your look mysterious and glamorous with the help of white pearl shades. They need to be applied from the inner corner of the eye to the upper and lower eyelids so that they looked like the letter V.

Makeup Tip 12

It is very simple to make your make-up more sustainable. Use eyeliner pencil after application of foundation and powder. Thereafter, powder a bit your black line, and you can impose the shade.

Before applying lipstick, cover your lips with a thin layer of foundation or powder. Then trace the outline with a pencil, and only then, you can apply lipstick.

To make it last longer, blot lips with a tissue and then use your lipstick again.

Makeup Tip 13

How do you know whether you have done your makeup well? Take a sheet of white paper and place it under the chin. In the mirror, you can see all the flaws that will become visible in the background glow of white paper.