11 Easy Body Scrub at Home: effective recipes

Every woman dreams of a radiant, soft and healthy skin of the body! But to fulfill her desires she needs daily care of her body. This article contains the most effective and easy body scrub recipes at home.

All of the following recipes folk remedies consist exclusively of natural ingredients, which makes them available for regular use.

Recipes of Homemade Easy Body Scrub

  • Body Scrub with Brewing Coffee

Mix coffee remaining after brewing with thick vegetation unrefined oil (you can substitute homemade cream or sour cream), then apply the mixture onto the skin making massage with your fingertips.

Now leave the scrub on the skin for ten – twenty minutes. You can remove the remnants of the mixture with a cotton cosmetic disk and broth of medicinal chamomile (you can just wash off the scrub in the shower with warm running water).

Easy Body Scrub with Brewing Coffee

  • Body Scrub with Baking Soda

Next scrub should be used for the body skin after a bath or hot shower. To make it, you need to mix in a small container three large tablespoons of baking soda and crushed sea salt. Apply the prepared mask on a damp sponge, then wipe the skin during two – five minutes. This homemade body scrub gently polishes the skin, freeing it from dirt and dead skin cells. For more cosmetic effect it is recommended to do cleansing at least twice in seven – ten days.

  • Body Scrub with Sugar

To prepare the following folk remedy you need to mix in porcelain or glass containers such ingredients: ten drops of freshly prepared juice of ripe lemons (you can also use lemon essential oil), four teaspoons of domestic fresh milk or cream, three teaspoons of quality olive or coconut oil and one cup of granulated sugar (can use both white and brown sugar). To enhance the cleaning effect scrub is recommended to add to the mix three drops of vanilla essential oil and one drop of essential oil of rose. Apply the mixture to the prepared body circular massage motions, and then wait ten minutes and rinse off any mixture of warm running water.

  • Body Scrub with Cinnamon

You need to mix one tablespoon of pepper (preferably black) coarsely ground, cinnamon (about one teaspoon), table or sea salt (one tablespoon). Dilute the resulting mixture in any quality vegetable oil to a paste, then apply to the skin in circular massaging movements. After the procedure, rinse off any mixture of hot running water and moisten the body baby cream or fresh aloe juice.

  • Body Scrub with Sea Salt

Mix in a cup of five large tablespoons of finely ground sea salt, one small pulp of ripe grapefruit (grate into mush) and olive oil to the consistency of toothpaste. Recommended to use this mixture before taking a shower, but for the moist skin. Rubbing a light circular motion, apply the scrub on the body and leave it on for five minutes, then rinse with warm running water and moisten the fresh aloe vera juice or ice, which you need to make from a weak infusion of pharmacy chamomile flowers and red clover.

Easy Body Scrub with Sea Salt

  • Body Scrub with Honey

In order to prepare this body scrub you need to mix in a small glass container the fresh liquid honey and cinnamon powder (2:1), then apply the prepared mixture on the body with circular pressing movements. Upon completion of the procedures necessary to wash off the residue with a mixture of warm water and lemon juice. For best results, it is necessary to apply the scrub on clean steamed skin.

  • Body Scrub with Cereal

Grind dry cereal to the state of flour in a coffee grinder, then dilute the resulting powder liquid honey (you can use honey candied, but before using it you need to melt to a liquid state for a couple of the water bath). The finished mask is put on steamed clean skin in circular massaging movements of the fingers, and then rinse with hot running water. After the procedure, you should moisturize the skin with aloe juice or cold decoction of pharmacy chamomile.

  • Body Scrub with Strawberries

Mash three large ripe strawberries into a puree in a shallow glass container, and then add two tablespoons of pulp almond oil and one tablespoon of liquid honey. Rub the resulting mixture in a circular motion into the skin of the body. After the procedure, rinse with warm water and scrub or chamomile extract.

Easy Body Scrub with Strawberries

  • Body Scrub with Ground Coffee

Mix freshly ground coffee with quality olive oil and add the ready mix one teaspoon milled in a coffee grinder sea salt. Apply the resulting paste-like on the skin for fifteen – twenty minutes, then rinse with cold water.

  • Body Scrub with Grape

To make this effective scrub for cleanse the skin of the body, you should grind well dried grape seeds (can substitute almonds) in a coffee grinder (you can in a mortar), then add to this flour three – six drops of any essential oil (eg, orange, cinnamon, rosemary or bergamot). Now you need to dilute the resulting mixture with quality olive oil and apply the scrub on the skin rubbing massaging movements. After five – seven minutes of massage using a mixture of residues must wash it with warm running water. After the procedure is recommended to wipe the skin fresh aloe gel or body lotion.

  • Body Scrub with Black Pepper

In a glass piala mix two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and black pepper, and then dilute the mixture of a small amount of mustard oil or warm water. Apply the mixture onto the body for 5minutes, then rinse with warm water or broth of chamomile. After the procedure, be sure to “calm” the skin with fresh aloe juice or baby cream. Repeat this procedure at least twice a week.